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Im growing Strawberry Kush, Started 3/27. Using Perry Morse organic Starter soil.I think they look okay but the stem seems kinda spindly/skinny. what do I do? We are indoor, using a grow light, fan intermittently, heat lamp as needed to keep temp above 70

Its stretching for light and you just don’t look like there is enough. You can lower the light down and I use the hand above the plant method. To hot for the hand, raise till its comfortable and vice versa. :+1:

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I dont feel any heat from the grow lights, the heat lamp is 12+ inches away.
Thanks! I will try lowering the grow lights

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a small oscillating fan may help strengthen the stalk, after the lighting is increased. Together, the light can be closer, if the fan keeps plants cool.

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Can you take a pic of light. Your girls aretrying to find light

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welcome to the community, like posted above, pic or name of the light source

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So, heres an overview pic. I ended up transplanting them out of those “cardboard” containers after posting, as they were getting mold on the outside. the root system is skinny but longer than I expected. Glad I did as the soil at the bottom was moist, roots were white. When I did that, I added the second light, and have it jerryrigged --have to hit up the hardware store today. Ive had a fan on but now with the two rows of light will need to reposition it. Lights are standard grow lights and the heat lamp is a 125watt bulb you can see over on the right. The lights now are about 3 inches above the tallest

THANK YOU ALL! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: