Need help identifying what wrong

Hi guys,

I’m growing some super silver haze auto on its 2 week of flower. They have all started going a bit yellow and some have fan leaves drooping down with darker green colours. I’ve checked run off yesterday and EC was at 0.7-0.9 and PH at 6.3-6.5. I’m assuming I need to up my feed as I’m giving them just 1/4 strength but I’m not 100% bc of the drooping tip. Green planet recommends 1.2-1.6 ec at this stage. I’ll put the table below as well. I was about to make a stronger mix for them but I read that this could also be nitrogen toxicity, but it would be strange bc EC run off is quite low

Coco coir + perlite
2x Spider farmer sf2000 lights at 80% 45cm from canopy
Temp 23-27c
Humidity 50-60
Green planet nutrients

To me they look hungry not 100% sure so maybe someone will chime in and help im organic and its a lil different i dont want to steer you wrong

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On my second look yeah they are hungry they are fixing to start flowering and may need. More. PK

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With coco your PH should be around 5.8 the plant might not be taking the nutes.


See i didnt even notice the coco part

Yeap I know it needs to be on 5.8, I think PH is high bc the nutes are quite low. I was about to up my feed now with a 5.5 ph

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Should I worry about the tips curling down and being a bit darker? I’ve watered them yesterday but I’ll just up their feed now bc yeah i thought they look hungry as

I would up the feed and try to stay close to 5.8 PH with coco you can water every day.

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Can you get a picture out of the grow area? Ur lights slightly effect the lime color look.

That slight claw wouldnt worry me much if all the plants are showing yellowing growth.

Also get that pH right. There maybe enough food in the soil, just its not available due to pH lockout. But upping from 1-4 to 1-2 strength should be fine


No my tips cure diwn when they hungry i. Was always tought that clawed leaves ment to much but it can also mean to less if that makes sense

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And like purple said the food maybe in. The coco still when i use coco i mix mine with ffof so my ph stays in 6-6.5 range and being organic.

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Should i water next time at a lower PH like 5.5 to reduce it more or should i flush them till PH is better?

Photos with natural light

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5.7 at the lowest. U never want to overcompensate and miss your mark. It would be more harm the benefit

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Another way to correct it would be mix your nutes to your preferred ec & ph and flush with that meaning pour it in until the ec & ph running off match what’s going in that way you’re not playing a balancing game


Solid tip, but most salt based nutes (Fox Farm, General Hydroponics) can and build build up as opposed to washing out continually. Much safer flushing with basic water.

Now to help it hold pH better, u can add a minimal amount of nutes (think 100-200 ppms worth) before you pH it.


I might just flush with just water as my tap already sits at 0.1 Ec.

My run off is at 0.9 ec. I think if I balance the ph today it won’t go too much lower than that. After that’s balanced should I give a 2 day break of nutes or back at it when I water again tomorrow?

Sorry for all the questions, information online is very misleading.


I rather have to add nutes later than have to stress with flushing again to lower my EC :joy:

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So I spent hours trying to balance the Ph.

Conclusion: I managed to bring 2 out of 10 back to 5.8 ph all others are at 6.1-6.2 and if I carried on I’d fully take nutes out, plants were on 0.5 -0.7 ec so I had a break.

Interesting thing is that the 2 that I managed to bring down to 5.8 ph had a 1.2-1.6 EC. So should I assume that I need to up the other 8 nutes with 5.7 or 5.8 ph and just feed them from today and maybe tomorrow do another run off check?

Plants are still growing considerably. I’d even say that they grew A LOT since yesterday


Well im just following along cause i cant help on the flushing and feeding i only top dress every 3 weeks and dont flush but you have some great growers helping you if i can help ill chine in

I’m really considering moving to organic. I’m in Australia and can’t find any dry amendments available in my area.

A guy recommended to mix this super soil with coco and perlite. I just don’t know if that’s enough for a whole grow, I know I’ll have to transplant and stuff so more soil will be added therefore more nutes but need to do some more research about that mix

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