Need help identifying what I have

I bought the following seeds:

I know which one is Bruce Banner, the others are supposed to be Gorilla Glue and Gold Leaf. Which is which?

These are supposed to be autos. I gave up on this one ever going into flower and moved it to a 12/12 tent.

After 3 weeks she is in flower. So obviously not an auto.

My question: I have 2 more plants that should be starting to flower. They are not. I am afraid I got a bunch of photos. Not what I wanted. I did email ILGM and the response was that sometimes a stray seed can get mixed in. But 3?

Ban is Bruce Banner, Goa is Gorilla glue, and gsc is Girl Scout cookies


I’m thinking your seeds are girl scout cookie feminized auto, Bruce Banner feminized photo, and I’m not sure about the one on the right.

ILGM support could let you know in a jiffy. They always respond promptly to email.

Yeah according to your labels your GSC and GG are Autos looks like your BB are regular photo fem. send that pic to IGMA and they should be able to correct the problem

Will tag a moderator to help @Covertgrower

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The Bruce Banners are Photos, NOT autos (based on the label)