Need help identifying this insect

Need some help figuring out what this is. Not sure if this guy is beneficial or harmful. Doesn’t seem to be hurting my plants as of right now.


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You got multiples of that guy, or is it just this one?

Can you get a picture in white light?

Looks like a wheel bug @Hunt

I’ve just noticed the one so far I will try and get a better picture whenever I find it again. Not super worried cause the plants are doing awesome just curious what it was. Almost resembles some kind of mantis but none like ive ever seen.

Might not be that specific bug, but they are cousins fer sure. :smile:

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It looks like an Assassin bug and if so they are beneficial but can pack a painful punch if you try to handle them. Lights are kinda throwing me off and apparently there are tons of species so without local knowledge I really couldn’t tell you what’s common in your neck of the woods. Ours have bright red abdomens. I’d leave it alone and let the little ninja do your dirty work

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very accurate yes