Need help identifying leaf problem

Can anyone tell me what this is? I’m using ilgm stage 3 flower fertilizer grown in 50%strawberry fields(bottom half) and a 50/50 mix of ffof and happy frog. Water p.h around 6.2/6.3(using chart)

Is there more leafs effected?

The brown spots look like the start of calcium deficiency but the yellow looks like damage from water or just old lower leafs. How does the rest of the plant look


Agreed, I would suggest adding Cal-Mag and see if it helps.

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Just at the bottom so far. Here’s the rest of the plant

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Old leafs, damages from watering possibly. Don’t worry about it. If it spreads post again and we will take another look.

Good luck on your flowering cycle!

Ps if you haven’t taken a ppm of your run off lately I suggest it. You’ll need to start giving nutrients about now if you arnt already and when ou do cal mag would be a good idea.

Starting to get the exact same thing on mine but it’s starting to show up. On the top when It was real small had it on the leaves and went away want to try cow mags myself

@Nicky Do I need more than the ilgm flower fertilizer

No that’s good

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@Nicky its traveling up to new leaves now, I’m about to water her today and I also purchased the cal mag … how much do I add for autoflowers? And am I adding this in with the regular nutrients I already feed her?

Read the bottle it will let you know.

Feed with your feed.

@Myfriendis410 can you take a look at this, doesn’t look like the standard calcium Deficiency, page one shows the original picture.

The tip is only showing issues first I mean cal mag definitely won’t hurt but I’m just not positive.