Need help Identifying insect?

Found this bug on one of my fabric pots.Can someone tell me what it is and what i should do i am in the first week of flowering???

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Not being funny looks like a wood roach
I wouldn’t know if they harm your plant but I doubt it

There’s a free app called seek download it it’s free there’s no ads …identifies almost anything

Sorry to keep editing
Could be a click beetle which are beneficial so he’s not harming your plant that’s why I say download the app

That’s really a fuzzy pic to identify specifically

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That does look like a click Beatle

Thanks,i will look into click beetle.

@Mr_Wormwood I will check into click beetle.

@Lacewing tried to take the best pic i could.I looked under magnifying glass :mag: and it’s brown and red in color i was able to spray it with insecticidal soap but i had to really squish it.It was really hard of a shell on it.

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This would be a click beetle is that what you killed ?


I wasn’t aware of this !!
To be honest I usually will not kill a bug but this one is on my list

Good thing you squashed it

It’s good that it eats aphids but it also eats leaves and roots

I’d keep my eyes peeled for more

@Lacewing It could be but this was more brownish with reddish body but it could be.


This ??


Lol noooo

My bad

I just went back to your pic …

I am 100 percent sure it’s a click beetle because of how it’s body is segmented


Yeah I was going by that more than the color

I used to play with them as a kid (making them click between my fingers)
So I recognized that segmented body


Lol hysterical …they still freak me out

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@Mr_Wormwood What would you suggest I do if I’m flowering and wanted a preventative measure with a possible soil larvae from this insect? A soil flush ? Is it still safe to use neem oil for this?

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@Lacewing Definitely not that!:astonished:

Looks like a time for a can of hairspray and a cigarette lighter! Ya you can treat and smoke your crop all at once.

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Definite click beetle. Fun for the kids, pests for plants. If you see another, catch it and put it on its back, they pop real hard and make a ‘click’ noise when they flip themselves over.

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How can you be sure there’s even an infestation? Have you seen others? Or their larvae ?

Is there any damage to your plants or deficiencies?

Sometimes any insect can just be a passer by

Would hate to see you start treating plants that could possibly not even need it


@Lacewing I guess I was thinking more of a precaution.I will just keep an eye out for them,I hope it was just a passer by.

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@UPSTATEZ that’s all I’d do …keep a close eye on them more than before …
Inspect them as much as you can …
1st week of flower your plants or plant should be healthy enough to fight …
Do you mind if I ask the strain??

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