Need help identifying flowering/bud/strain

Hi all, need some help identifying flowering/buds.
Ist time grower, We have 3 unknown plants all outdoor, 2 in pots 1 in ground. Soil is mg :(,
Plants started flowering 10days ago and look very different from each other. Are they different strains?

Photo #2 is male. No way of telling different strains from photos really.

Remove that before it hits the flowering ladies


NO DOUBT!!! put the choppity-chop to pic #2 plant!!! balls galore forming on top and you want that GONE before they open and dump their pollen into the breeze… :wink: happy growing. they look healthyotherwise.

Is it normal to only show as boy at flowering?


yes, and normally get tall and big QUICKER than a female will and USUALLY (for me anyway) show signs of flowering first. There are ways to clip a leaf i think, or a part of a stem/stalk and send it off (IF you have those kind of resources in your State) to identify gender during young vegetation but i don’t have the means to do anything like that in VA :wink:

You will never know what strains they are.

They’ll often show it before flowering, but sometimes no. Sorry

Thanks for the help. He’s been cut down.

Wait until your terps become more present and just name it after what you smell and if it’s just pot smelling it’s probably og kush, sour diesel, or Durban poison

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Ok thanks

A friend stopped by and told me this is a male? Do you agree? All help/thoughts are appreciated.

This may be better picture

Looks female to me from those photos. Any shots of the nodes at the trunk?

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That’s pistols going into flower but show us lower stalk to see if he didn’t spot hermie sac

Do these help?

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I can’t visually make out any male parts from those pictures.

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Okay, great! Thank you for your help

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