Need help identifying and eradicating this bug

They are walking around in the top of the medium. They seem pretty fast. The leaves are drying up underneath.
H202 killed them on contact

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@Noctis420 they could be fungus nat’s . let me tag @Hellraiser he helped me out with mine.

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Someone said thrips. I was battling gnats before but I haven’t seen any in a while.

Start a course of Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew and that should solve the problem. Safer Caterpillar Killer is another that is safe and effective.


Not fungus gnats but kill them regardless, Captain Jacks will do.


Ok guys I think its springtails.

Googled black springtails


Can this be used during late flower? @Myfriendis410

Yes it can. I alternate between that and Spinosad.

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