Need help identifying a problem...PLEEEEASE


My wife and I were in Edinburgh last summer and thoroughly enjoyed the country. On our last night somehow I ended up showing pictures of my latest grow to the bartender and before I knew it there were 10 people ooh-ing and aah-ing my plants haha? They were, well, gobsmacked lol.


Aw fanstastic i live like 1hr 20mins southwest of Edinburgh lovely city. Where abouts to you live…Uk? Thats great gosh i would never have the guts to show someone. Im sick of wasting money on rubbish and it cant be good for you with what ever they put init always black burning ash aswell. So this year i had enough lol. Cant wait for them to get bigger. Im thinking of scrogging?.


I live in California where it’s now legal to grow 6 flowering plants without a card.

Give us some details about your growing space; what lights, tent, strains, soil, nutes etc. Would love to see some pictures. We have a number of folks from the U.K. and the Continent as well as a few from Oz too. Even a couple from the former Eastern Block.

I use the SCROG technique and if you are interested I’ll tag you in to my journal. It’s a lot to go through but some great growers posted good material on it.


Also sorry for all the questions but do i only add MircoGrowBloom when i change the Res solution every 7days???
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You should be monitoring the PH and the TDS and adjusting both as necessary. Reservoir changes will refresh your solution and remove waste salts the plants have deposited in the reservoir.

There are a couple of other additives you will want when running hydro to keep the roots and system clean. I’m not a hydro guy so will let someone else chime in.


Yes i will be in it from now on.

Wow that must be great living in Cali all diffrent types of smoke available plus being able to grow your own, i only pray that one day that law will pass here.

Oh my i would be honoured if you could, that would be fanstastic. Seen some results from scrogs on here and thought it would suit my situation.
Location: In my bedrron
My tent is 60x60x140 a bit small in height but will and can go bigger but only in height.
I Run a 18-6 light cycle.
600W Mars Hydro
General hydroponics Mirco/Grow/Bloom/ Diamond nectar (for veg)
Silver Bullet (Roots prevention) at 4.5ml 12L
I think ive got pretty good air circulation

Honest man you dont know how thankful i am… blessed! :v:


Sorry forgot I’m growing Barneys Cookies Kush which is the one im having problems with… and the other one is called heavyweight it was a free seed the online bank gave me.
Did indeed Barneys pineapple chunk but it didn’t germinate, gutted! So thats how i ended with the free seed. I was trying to get the seeds from here but struggled with the bit coin part useless with computers.


You don’t need many additives for hydro when growing DWC in other systems you flush system periodically to keep it clean which is what @Myfriendis410 is reffering to and in the states many use product called hydroguard. I have never had the luxury of it myself so I use 5 basic things Micro Bloom Cal-mag, Potasium Silicate and a PK booster during flower. Frequent res changes and good practices keep bacteria out of res.
#cool temps
#no light
#weekly res changes
After that rely on your nose eyes and hands if res stinks change roots look brown and slimy feel them squishy you have problems (peroxide) 5-10ml a L daily and change res every few days.
PH is a range in hydro and better products are more flexible (chelate) bind to nutrients which are less ph sensitive, 5.5-6.1 is ok keep in mind every time you adjust ph you are adding a chemical to res and plants :wink: 5.8 is a target not a strict rule and you can be 5.6, 5.9 and not need to adjust. I would suggest increasing res size since they are easier to maintain temps and ph in I have res’s from 20L to 55L even some 50 gal :wink: they all need same basic things airstones and net pots plus be able to hold water, you can make a DWC unit out of almost any container with a lid


i’m currently at work will send a detailed msg later need to ask a few things lol… thanks some much for the advice @Donaldj


Thank you! I’m not a hydro guy and you are on top of this. @CrazyGro I would listen to what Donaldj tells you.


Sorry guys had some internet issues. Thanks so much @Donaldj I’ve been trying my best to keep res temps down at 19°C but some times creeps up but when i arrive from work
I soon get it back down, i also stuck to what you said about the PH and been on top of it i have found the the girl on the left genrally sits @5.6 and the girl on the right 5.8 didn’t wanna change only and when the drastically change. I decided to top the Kush three days ago. Not sure about it to be fair still dont look great but defo still growing. As soon as i have some free time I’m gonna gonna male my own buckets like you said easy temp control as I’m not always around. Once again thanks


Suppose to say make lol


Are you still using the ph perfect GROW and bloom micro