Need help identifying a problem...PLEEEEASE


Can anyone help me. Im in the uk so I’m restricted as you can imagine. I transplanted these girls from soil a week ago. Both P.H at 6.0 General Hydroponics Grow,Mirco,Bloom 1.5ml per every 3litres. 12litre DWC. 18-6hr light cycle. Can anyone tell me why my cookies kush leaves are dying and very wilted. And the other one Heavyweight looks amazing. This is my 1st ever grow. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Peace :v:


Vypadá krásně buď v klidu


Low nitrogen?


Look good to me but yes probably nitgeon


@Donaldj is great at this type of growing I’m a soil less guy but grow like soil


What’s your res temps like? and some plants have different feed needs raise your feed to would expect 2-3ml per 3 L MBG and very soon 2ml cal-mag



I just feel that your plants need more food as well. You have been feeding at a very low amount and it’s just what you have been used to. I talked with my other buddy who runs the same in .coco and he also says that your feeding way too low. Here are some good guidelines as for what to feed. Never used EC as a form of measuring nutes but at 1.2 and going up a point every water till you, see the results. You should also raise your PH to 6.2, that lwill help get the green back. You have a lot of figuring out to do with coco. I’ve been told it’s superior but a little more difficult.


Thanks very much for the tag @Hogmaster


Sorry for the late reply guys.

The heavyweight Res temp 22.7°C - PH 6.7 changing the water today so i will PH to 6.2 then

Kush (the problem child) Res temp 22.8°C PH 6.4 also will PH to 6.2 today.
So i need more nutes in my water. I dint have any cal-mag but i shall get some asap.
Dont know about EC stuff not sure what to do. Thanks so much for the help guys


Very small res too and way too warm at 72-73f hope they have tons of air I would target to keep res around 66f-68f 19c disolved o2 in your nutrient solution is less the warmer it gets and below 60f roots will avoid it. If you don’t have ppm/tds/EC meter than go to 1-2ml of Micro Grow and Bloom per L which should put you close to target add Cal-mag when you get some at same amount. To lower res temps add frozen pop bottle and rotate daily the reason for your large ph swing is you are not adding enough nutrients and they are eating faster than drinking small res so you will have your hands full as they get bigger. Larger res is more stable


Thanks so much for the help… its all the space i have and that was the biggest res tank i could get that would fit.
Yes plenty of Air I’m running and rvk extraction kit, 2 desk fans inside the tent and the tent is right next to the window so i attached some ducking discretely to the window and put the other end of the ducking inside the tent and the air flow when i place my hand over the hole is awsome.
Just about to go change the solution now. Need to go buy some little bottles and get freezing them. Appreciate the help so much to still try and learn


If you are in coco your ph needs to be 5.8. Another rule of thumb is coco only gets what you put in it so you do seem to use more nutrients but you will notice faster growth



Quick update on the girls Ive fed and changed the nute solution got some frozen bottles in currently sitting at 20°C getting some more to take it down to 19°C PH @ 6.2
Checked tonight 24hrs later PH 6.4 both tanks any suggestions dont know why this is???. Cal - mag is in the post. Do you’s think my roots are healthy??. I also bent over the kush to try tempt some new growth as its still not looking good. The heavyweight seemed to love the nuturient boost came home today to a thriving plant. Once again guys thanks for the advice :v:Peace



You must get that ph down to 5.8 never over 6.0. This is you problem


@Donaldj already addressed the reason for the PH swings as too small of a reservoir and your plants are taking in and releasing salts into your solution. You have two choices: either increase your reservoir size or monitor and adjust MUCH more frequently than you have. 5.5 to 5.8 PH.


Thanks guys ill be sure to get that PH down.


Sorry obviously didn’t understand.


I shall try testing the PH before i go work this way i might have a better chance in keeping it at the right PH. Thanks for the help really appreciate it.


No worries lol. There’s a lot of info to take in and it can get overwhelming. I was only pointing you in the right direction. @Donaldj is a hydro expert so you got primo advice.


Thanks i had the day off today so managed to get the Res temp down to 19.1°C in both tanks. Both PH to 5.6 and the postman was a delight this morning delivery of some Cal-mag so i gave the girls 2ml per L of Cal-mag
Your right total overwhelming… but this is what i must to do too try and guarantee some clean smoke. I live in a rural area in Scotland so the quality of smoke is poor.
Thanks for the help guys. I know with the help ive had from you guys hopefully achive mt goal. :v:Peace​:v: