Need Help Identifying a plant

I started with twenty seeds of various types (Purple Gorilla, BlackWater + Purple Kush, Romulan Cheese) and after a couple of months I now have five remaining. Some how though I either didn’t label a couple of the plants correctly or the seeds got mislabeled.
I’m trying to identify this plant. I have it labeled as BlackWater/Purple Kush but then I have another plant labeled the same that is obviously different.

As you will observe from the photo this plant has nearly all three(3) finger leaves with an occasional five finger leaf.
The colas are huge compared to it’s size and this plant was strong (no bugs, not molds, no powder, just healthy as could be).

It started flowering mid to late July unlike my other plants and the trichomes started turning hazy around mid August. I’m in SoCal. It’s most definitely a strong Indica high (sleepy, happy, content) that lasts roughly 8 hours. The smell and descriptions of BlackWater accurately define this plant.


3 fingered leaves like that typically means ruderalis genetics I believe, or I believe a sign of stress like an early reveg possibly. other than that you can def go with matching what your experience was with it to what your strain description describes. With how many different phenos any strain can have as offspring it’s next to impossible to say for sure what it is… you can have 20 plants from the same parents and your gonna have some big differences in each plant… you can always tell whether that pheno is sativa, Indica, or ruderalis dominant most just go by sativa or indica regardless that is a beautiful lady you got there looks like some fire! Amazing job!