Need help I dried my buds out to much

Is there a way to bring the moisture back up it’s down to 54% and the buds feel very dry I took the packs out and left the jars open for an hour but it still hasn’t come up is there anyway of doing this (that is bring the moisture back up to 59 to 64 % ? Thanks for any help

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Leaving the lid on would help keep moisture in. If you need to introduce moisture back In, the packs I’m assuming you’re talking about (Boveda) should do it. I’ve also used some fan leaves off other plants and slices of apples when I didn’t have packs. I try to cure mine to somewhere between 57-62. Hope this helps.


Dump all of your weed into a larger container (a Home Depot bucket with a lid works) and make a clear spot on the bottom of the bucket. Get one of those Mr Clean Magic Eraser and soak in water/squeeze out and place on that clear spot at the bottom of the bucket. Seal lid and leave it for 24 hours. You can drop one of your hygrometers in there to see progress. This makes sure your cannabis doesn’t get uneven moisture which will cause it to mold.


I have seen people use a piece of orange peel in the jars to slowly add moisture.
It should be change out after one or two days to avoid it spoiling.
I usually just drop in a piece of paper towel with a single drop of water on it.
Its slow but effective.


The packs can take hours to bring the humidity up in the jar. Keep lid on
It will raise to proper humidity.

Patience my friend. Your buds will be safe and happy again !!!

Or speed it up as others mentioned ways to do so but once close to target use the packs only so you don’t add too much.


A piece of the stemi part of lettuce contains a lot of water and easily transfers from the lettuce to the but don’t leave for longer than 2 hours without keeping a close eye on it every couple minutes 15 minutes because it will happen fast I also dangled a damp napkin from a pipe cleaner closed into the lid that will also transfer the moisture

Orange Peel lemon peel lime peel all work and should be used in small amounts because it adds smells to which isn’t really a bad thing but can bitter up the weed taste a little bit also if you’re trying to rehydrate a lot of weed you’re going to need a lot more peel lettuce is a lot more available take a couple chunks of lettuce and wrap it in a napkin even or a big water napkins roll the jar around every 10 minutes so the bug gets equally touch to the moist piece of whatever you use

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I used a slice of apple last night and today it’s showing 60% in the bucket I’m using ( it’s a 2 Gal . food service Bucket ) I put the apple slice in a open plastic bag and placed it inside . thanks for the help.

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No problem glad I could help.