Need help here in Nepal, my Hero has Epilepsy

Hi all, I have this old German Shepard who has epilepsy (in Nepal), and the only meds available for that is phenobarbital, which over the years is rotting out his internals. SO, I am thinking of trying to make something from all the wild weed that grows everywhere here.

Only I currently can’t tell a male from a female plant, indica vs. sativa, or identify whatever the hell is pushing up outside my gate! Here is a not so good photo of what I mean:

It’s early in the spring here, and this shot was from about a week ago… the size of this bush has doubled since then. What is it, and what can I do with it?!? Thanks so much.

Old Hippie & Hero

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Hey Hippie, and Hero! First, welcome to ILGM. You’re in the right place…start here:

For your good boy, I’d start with making hash oil or butter out of anything you find with resin on it, males even. You can make butter from males, too, I believe. Anyway, I’d make medicated treats for him from canna-butter or hash oil. Butter might not be the best for his tummy, but he’s likely not to refuse it that way. Dosing might be tricky, so be careful and start slow. Give him a scratch for me from USA, and good luck! :v:


@nepalihippie sorry to hear about the epilepsy. I have a 17 GSD mix that is getting up there in age as well.
Coconut butter is always a good option as well. Dogs feel cannabis also, but not the same way as we do, as their cannabinoid receptors are different. It usually takes more for the same effect as we take. So keep that in mind.
You can also make edibles, as option.


Thx so much for the welcome and info @elheffe702! I gave Hero a big scratch for u - he liked. So, on sexing, I might not be able to do that, as it’s not my land (most big clumps are within empty housing plots, although it does grow curbside and on open public land) so I don’t feel comfortable cultivating in front of my neighbors and the public. I have no hesitation in whacking a bag down however, as soon as it’s ripe.

I have a vet pal here that can help me with dosage, but that is a concern. He’s already really loopy from the occasional seizure and all the daily meds.

Anywho, thx again!


So have you dried and smoked the buds? Were all drooling to know? Does it have a really skunky musty smell? I bet it’s some real good indica.

For CBD it still needs to be decarboxilated but differently than for THC.



Am I the only one noticing that Hero is dropping a land mine?:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::joy:

I can’t imagine having cannabis just growing everywhere… like a weed.

One of my customers spends a lot of time bringing medicine to people in Nepal. She tells the most fantastic stories about her journeys.


:blush: That’s Hero’s way to pay it forward, as he’s a bio-fertilizer machine (along with all the wandering cows and wild dogs).

I can’t imagine this either. I’ve been here almost 20 years (from NYC), and while I’ve seen what looks to be weed along the trekking trails, I had no idea it grows like this in suburban Kathmandu:

The first shot above is what things look like today (a beautiful sunny spring day)… bushes push out of the sidewalks. The second shot is what it looks like coming out of a momo shop trash dump.

I am a cannibus neophyte, but now in my 60s I am looking for something for arthritis (as well as PTSD). Purchasing anything here is dangerous, as a current crackdown on drug traffickers is full on. SO…

Can I use this for my doggie and myself? Any suggestions are welcome. Thx!


So have you dried and smoked the buds? Were all drooling to know? Does it have a really skunky musty smell? I bet it’s some real good indica.

:scream: Can I? I don’t have a clue. It does have a very strong smell… I wouldn’t say skunky, but very strong and musty in a nice way. On buds, I don’t see any yet. But are the leaves of any use?

For CBD it still needs to be decarboxilated but differently than for THC

Your last sentence went completely over my head :woozy_face:. I guess I have a lot left to learn…

Coconut butter eh? Have not heard about that for controlling epilepsy. I’ll look into that. We have great edible coconut oil (and the nuts as well) here. I think the biggest challenge at this point, is to turn the weeds in the yard into CBD oil, and then figure out a dosage based on the harvest - and one that actually controls his seizures. It’s a catch-22 however, as bringing him off phenobarbitals is always problematic… one of these grand Mal seizures that he has could kill him, and some of them sure look like they are about to… jeez.

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To be more specific I was suggesting coconut oil be the carrier of the medicine. You can put it in capsules with the coconut and it’ll be easily digested. @nepalihippie

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That bush there almost looks like it is sativa from the leaves. I can’t imagine living somewhere where weed grows like actual weeds LOL that is amazingly beautiful :heart_eyes:


@Covertgrower Ha, I thought maybe they found another use for coconuts :wink: - Yes, great idea… Hero loves anything with coconut oil in it, and he’s certainly used to capsules, poor thing. Thx. Ps. I thought this looked more like Indica (from google search, for whatever that’s worth). Is there a way to confirm?

Are you sure that’s marijuana and not hemp?

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@nepalihippie no way to confirm, but @
Bobbydigital brings up a good point. This might be hemp. Grow it and find out.

Ha! This is why I came here, to find out. There must be a way, after all, we just confirmed a black hole 55 million light years away, so surely there is a test to determine plant species, visual or otherwise. Thx!

That dog is dropping it like it’s hot!!!


I did a search with the google machine. It looks like sativa is growing abundantly all over Nepal.


The thinner they leaves then it is more sativa dominant,the fatter the fingers then more indica dominant,strain would be a lot harder,only females produce buds or pistols,anymore is easy enough to learn on this site by doing a simple search ,but I am so jealous ,i can’t even do an outdoor grow let alone have it growing wild in your garden,you must cultivate those plants buddy,separate the males and females and it’ll be so much better


@daz49, thx! I’m having a hard time keeping my ferns and bamboos alive, let alone trying to cultivate Cannabis. But perhaps it’s not Cannabis at all, but hemp. Not sure how to tell, except by perhaps smoking some of it. Or is the real difference between hemp and weed this: plants cultivated and breed female with ga-zonker buds are weed, and if not, it’s hemp? They are basically the same plant, right?

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Hemp is a completely speerate genus