Need help harvesting in tropical climate

I live in Hawaii and harvesting soon my first grow. I’m week 5 now . I only have a small bathroom washer/dryer with two windows in my garage . It has a shower l can maybe hang plants . Is it possible to setup the small washroom to harvest . Or should I buy another small grow tent with exhaust fans? How can I control the temps so doesn’t mold? I need some ideas
Appreciate any advice

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I dry my harvests in a bathroom that I don’t use. It’s a closed environment and maintaining humidity at 60% isn’t a problem with a small humidifier. I keep my house cool, so temp takes care of itself. The overhead exhaust fan in the bathroom helps too.

Keep temps in the high 60’s, humidity close to 60%, and have a fan blowing nearby for air circulation. Do these things and you shouldn’t have to worry about mold or WPM.

I hang a sweater dryer on the shower curtain rod and put my buds on it. They have 360 degree airflow that way.


I also believe you can cut down the incidence of mold while drying by performing a bud wash with peroxide at harvest.


Do you think I can use a dehumidifier for my bathroom bc it’s naturally humid in Hawaii. And some fans blowing indirect air? Also would I need to make it super dark . Bc with 3 small windows it does let light in . Thanks :pray:t4:

Thanks for the info on the bud wash. Do you also suggest trimming after washing the buds or hand dry and trim later ? Mahalo

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Yes, if your humidity is not where you need it to be. I’m in the Midwest and use dehumidifers during the Summer months when it is humidity.

There’s a few strains that won’t or have a hard time moulding.( Durban poison, super silver haze, strawberry cough, Sativas are less likely to mould, as they are more spread out. If you want indica go for Blueberry or Pink Kush. For the best round)
It happens when the bud is fat, tch is sticky and the leaves allow moisture to get close to the stock and outwards from there… it happens when there is not enough air circulation. I live in Newfoundland, Canada. It’s always humid as I am surrounded by the ocean, not half as as hot as Hawaii obviously. I would get a dehumidifier, and at least 2-3 fans (more I’d you have more weed to dry) to move the air around. Make sure you hang them spaced apart, and as long as there is sufficient air flow it shouldn’t happen.
I know the guys is the moderator of this page, and probably knows a lot, however I wouldn’t rinse my bud with peroxide. NOT unless you have a shit ton of weed that’s molded. If u can catch it just cut it off… or feed your plant the peroxide. With water… that’s just me…

I hang my bids in my bedroom keep the doors closed and keep the heat register off so no heat makes it in there. Afyer so long i put buds in jars to finish dryong if they feel like they r drying too fast hanging i slow down the process in jars but be mindful u have to open them jars alot of times to make sure u dont get mold in the jars. So far ive had no issues and the smoke comes out a1

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In a moist climate I’d wet trim after bud wash and before actual drying. If in a dry climate, dry trim after drying.


So I live in Denver, which is pretty tradionally a dry climate. I will bud wash on my (1st) harvest then air dry like he recommends. I’m considering doing a half wet/dry trim to try and see if I can stretch them out for a longer period to 10 days while they hang dry. Both are Indica plants…have you had much experience with Colorado grows? I believe @Randy_Marsh lives out this way too, so his input would be nice, as well

I’m down in Black Forest so even higher than you (altitude lol). I had my first grow finish early and am tweaking my setup for this second grow.

RH in the mid 50 % with a temperature in the low 60’s is ideal for a long slow dry. I have a whole house humidifier so at least ambient inside is between 40 and 50% usually.

ahhh, that’s awesome! I just talked to my wife about a trip out there, since Frankfurt is direct for us now. We are about the same, 50-60% with low 60’s. That’s very good to know. Did you dry trim or wet trim, and to what degree?

Just north of Colorado Springs…

I do a combination of both as wet trim is way easier than dry.

hahaha my bad.

I went to the Avs game at Air Force last year. What a debacle!!!

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