Need help got some seeds and I'm in the 3.5 week from seeds

I got some seeds they are white widow X bigbud I been told to do a 14 week chart 2seeds 4 veg rest flower but the info for the seeds say

If you are looking for an easy, quick-to-harvest, productive, potent cannabis strain to plant, you are not going to get much easier, quicker, or more productive than the White Widow x Big Bud .

Order today and have a productive, marketable, potent yield in a little more than two months.


  • Mature height is 20-30 inches / 60-80 cm
  • Good germination rate
  • Flowers in 7 weeks
  • Ready to harvest in 9 weeks

Where did you get these from?

Discounted seeds

Trusted breeders. female seeds breeder bank

Ready in 9 weeks , don’t be surprised if that schedule does hit the mark. Mine say ten weeks so 70 days but it generally takes about 90 to 100 days.

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So shall o stick to the 14 week chart 2 seedling 4 veg rest flowering

What @SKORPION says, plus a lot depends on environment… lighting and such.
Good luck and enjoy the process!

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Well here’s the thing 4 weeks veg , would be good so it may go 6 or 8 weeks before it decides to flip to flower. Since it’s an auto it flips when it decides on its schedule not on your or the seed banks. Flower time varies too depending on the color you want to harvest at.