Need help for indoor and outdoor

Question from a fellow grower:

Hello im having some problems with my plants its almost 1 month and my
plants 8 are having some trouble…indoor growing all 8. I have 3 in
my room im using miracle grow and today i mesuare the ph in the soil is

I use ph water controled.....

The other 5 plants 3 blueberry and 2 pineapple are in the backyard
inside of these outdoor storage i have…have all the ventilation
lights cfl, i have a wireless humidyty and temperature but this past
month its been very hot with temperatures above 99 degrees so my plants
look so small that if you compare it with the ones i have in my room in
size are very small, i beleive are in shock .

This is my second grow…please i need some advice…

Boy you sure do.


Get that temp down ASAP !!
Day 82;


P H UP : This is what you need to do

to make it more alkaline)

It is generally easier to make soil mixes more alkaline than it is to make them more acidic. The addition of dolomite lime, hardwood ash, bone meal, crushed marble, or crushed oyster shells will help to raise the soil pH.

In soil: add dolomite limestone to the soil; use small amounts of hydrated lime.

Then down load this free growers book by Robert Bergman. It’s a free download at this link

And check these line out. They will help you out big time.

Let me know on how you do…please