NEED HELP! first timer

Hello @Bunnymalo and welcome

You’ll want to decide on a tent size first. From there we will be able to suggest other equipment that works with that size tent from lights to in line fan and so on.
Depending on your available room size where you are looking to put the tent is where you want to start. Measure ceiling height etc and allow for room around the tent so you can have access from all 4 sides if possible…ie add 4 feet or more to the tent size. In general 1 plant needs a 2x2 foot space so a 4x4 for tent will hold 4 or so plants. Many variables to this but is a starting point. I would get a tent as tall as you can fit in the room as it’s better to have extra height and not need it than need it and not have it.
Once you’ve decided on tent size then that will direct suggestions for lights to cover that space and also how big of an in line fan for that space as well.
Fabric pots would be best. I use rootmaker 2 pots and for your photo grow 5 gallon squat pots would fit the bill. Also 14” saucers to put the pots in in case water runs out of the pot when watering.
Soil…many out there. If you want to make the grow less stressful for your first grow look into Kind Soil. It’s a “super soil” that you put on the bottom of the pot (5 Lbs per 5 gallon pot) then fill the rest with a quality soil like Roots Organic original (ROD) or Ocean Forrest or Happy Frog.
The idea behind Kind Soil is that it removes the need to add nutrients weather liquid salt based nutrients or organic natural dry nutrients. This way you just check the PH of the water … adjust abs water them when needed. Cheaper to buy Kind soil directly from them. There are also other offerings for “Super Soil” as well.
A PH meter to check your water before watering and depending on your water PH you will need some Citric Acid powder used for canning cooking etc al grocery stores etc. lowers the PH or you may need something to raise the PH but most water is above 7.0 and usually needs to be lowered.
Also at least 1 fan for air movement inside the tent. The in-line fan is for air exchange and won’t wiggle the plants etc.
I bought my tents from HTG supply they have a ton of available sizes and most of them have 2 options (4x4 size one is $115 and the other $185) the differences can be found on their site but it comes down to extra features and better builds.

Again as far as lighting suggestions HLG lights are a great option and lighting is where you WANT to spend more as light is the plants food more so than what’s in the soil for great grows etc.

The White Widow is a great strain and a good one to learn with. That was one I started with.

Let us know once you decide on how big of a tent you can fit in your space and we can then better recommend what lights and inline fans etc

There are many other things that one acquires while growing but the things I mentioned above will get you to the harvest…the other stuff makes things easier, better, nicer etc but isn’t mandatory.

Hope this helps

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Here is where knowing what floor space your needing to light…tent size…there are different models that cover different size grow space


Is there something I can make work for 200 or less? I’m okay with a 3x3 or even a 2x2 if needed

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Are you saying that $200 is your total budget or is that what you have to spend for lights?

Some grow in a bathtub in an extra bathroom or a closet etc. and that can be done as well you would just need seed, soil, pot, fan and light


Had to edit the HLG link; sorry.

One nice thing is when you start you don’t need anywhere near as much light as you do in flower. If you can swing one 260 you can veg everything under that then pick up one more for flower.

Regardless: you would have spent $400 plus on enough light using those Vipars.

I have one of their tents and to me I just upgraded. I did not care for how the openings were sealed. Plus when I wanted to have a flexible exhaust leave the tent i had to purchase an adapter. I prefer the openings that have the dual draw string closure. The tent does work well I just prefer a different design.

I grow in a three by three and as suggested to me this is what I bought

Qb120 v2 boards set of 4 on Amazon
meanwell hlg-240h-c2100a Driver to power boards

And of course the 18g solid wire to connect boards . A three wire extension cord to make into power and connectors to combine the 18 g to the power cord .

I think I paid 270-280 total.

You would just need to fabricate a mount for it

Was it the lower cost tent or the more expensive one?
The ones I have are great in the zipper and covers. I also didn’t need any adapter for the inline fan as it has opening for 6 and 8” at top area and 2 at bottom for 4”

@Bluedonut09 I’m using 14g solid core and it works perfectly with the Wago connectors. I worried that it wouldn’t but it does. Those thin wires suck.

Mine is the Agromax. I just checked their website and all the Agromax tents are the same as mine. The do not have my size listed anymore, it is 1m x 1m or 39” x 39”. The do have a different brand with the pull cord type.

Ocean forest soil witj Mega Crop fertilizer. A few 3-7 gallon pots. 4x4x6 tent. A nice budget led board is better tech and cheaper than hlg. Get a few fans, mainly a nice exhaust fan. Ph pen. Tds meter. Thatll get you started.

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Can you point to the direction of led boards? And how to set them up? I was leaning towards buying the grow lights from amazon because they had fans to divert heat and keep cool.

This is also the first post I could make because I couldn’t post for 20 hours

I was looking into getting this one from EBay but not sure if it’s real or not. READY TO GROW 260W QB260 V2 Samsung LM301B 3000k LED Quantum Light Meanwell HLG

This is the best tech right now imo. I have this one so do others.

Is there another one that you recommend in the 250 range?

@Myfriendis410. Just saw these on Amazon yesterday. looks legit to me and way cheaper than hlg

What do you think @dbrn32


I saw those too. Ali baba has boards using top bin chips and someone finally got around to building a product line (I seriously thought about doing this. Too late)


its a nice light good price.

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@Wannabe, @Myfriendis410 should I purchase @HornHead suggested above for my first light?? Or is there another one that’s worth buying? :grimacing:

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I don’t know enough about them to be able to say one way or another. @dbrn32 has been keeping up with developments in lighting way better than I could.

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I would buy that one instead of a viparspar. Its a really good light for that price. Its a bargain for sure. Im not gonna say buy it but i will say its a nice value.

@Myfriendis410 what websites would you suggest buying from? The only thing I’m scared of is the risk of fire these lights create but I’m sure it’s safe. Just don’t want to buy from anyone you know

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