Need help first time grower

This is about its 6th week into grow and it’s been stuck at this height, It’s a little tilted right now because it took some heavy rain while I was out but it’s been growing outdoors in Florida’s summer weather. I am not certain of the strain but it could be White Buffalo and I am using miracle grow potting mix.

Do you have holes drilled in the pot for drainage? Do you have it in direct sunlight when it is outside? Miracle grow not great for cannabis because of the slow release fertilizers in it.

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Yes there are holes in the bottom of the and it’s in semi direct sunlight reviving bits of shade throughout the day because of Florida’s heat

That’s so weird…I’m in Florida too. Judging by my back yard there’s nothing that wouldn’t grow out there…gotta be the miracle grow. I’d imagine it would be hard to over water here too as I’m sure the sun dried that small pot out pretty quick.

I see some leaf damage; It looks similar to leaf miners. I cannot be certain, but additional photos might help.

Couple questions
What are the dimensions of the pot?
Can you get soil that’s not miracle-gro?
How many hours of direct sunlight does it get?
What’s your water and feed schedule what products do you feed with if any?
Did you start it in that pot?

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The pot is about 25 inches in diameter and 6 1/2 in length.
I can get soil that’s not miracle grow
And it usually gets sunlight from about 8:30am to 5-6 pm and I don’t have a feed schedule or watering schedule I just water it when the pot feels a bit light and the soil is dry a knuckle under
I do not feed it any products
And I started in a 2 liter bottle cut in half with holes drilled into the bottom

Sorry about that. I saw water droplets that looked like leaf damage. No worries, on that front at least.

Ryan asked about direct sunlight, and just to be clear, that means hours where the sun is shining directly onto the plant. Bounced light doesn’t count.

I suspect light issues. Looking at the the node spacing, it seems like it’s stretching. I also see some non-serrated leaves, which could indicate a number of separate issues.

Was this a bag seed or something? Did you smoke the flowers this came from?

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The seed came from my trulieve medical container,
the plant has been receiving direct sunlight but would the sunlight cause the growth of the plant to be stunted at barely a sprout for almost a month. And is the plant permanently damaged because of the stunted growth?

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I am a first time grower as well growing 3 different auto flower strains. While it is widely accepted that Miracle Grow potting soil is far from ideal for cannabis, i highly doubt it is the cause of your problem. I also used a partial mix of Miracle grow potting soil and coco coir and 2 of my plants are 4 foot tall at 8 weeks today. And I have heard anecdotally from others who had successful grows using miracle grow. Somehow I think it’s more of an issue with photo period plants than with Autoflowers…but what the heck do I know…

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I was just trying to figure out how many gallons roughly. Sounds around 5g. I’m just gonna math this out so you see how I’m thinking. If it’s 6 weeks old that’s 2 weeks as a seedling. That leaves 4 weeks of veg growth. You did transplant so let’s say 1 week of transplant shock, leaving 3 weeks of good veg growth. You are in a larger container so roots have to go down and establish, which takes longer in a larger pot, before it really grows up so you’ve had 2-3 weeks of decent veg growth with no nutes except what’s in the mg. (Disclaimer you can use mg but when you go into flower the high nitrogen will effect yield. It’s not a can’t it’s more of a shouldn’t) You should be on a feed schedule of some kind. Fish fertilizer or Jack’s or fox farm…something by now. I’d say those are pretty much the why’s of what your seeing. All that being said your not really in a bad spot.

Thank you so much for your help When it comes to figuring out a feed schedule how would I go about knowing the right times to be feeding my plant and how do you recommend for me to repot my plant into different soil

The feed schedule will be specific to the nutes you run. Each brand has its own schedule. I’d recommend Jack’s but there are several lines like fox farm trio that’s good for beginners. As far as repotting I’d say transplant it carefully. I’d tip it over and remove it as gently as possible without knocking dirt off the root ball. I’d recommend fabric grow pots. Also find a spot that gets 5-6 hours of direct sunlight and indirect the rest of the time.