Need help first time grow auto bloom chersberry and gg#4

I was deffinitly in over my head still feel that way at some point

I got an email saying they have a deal where you get a membership to the lab with an order of $150+ from the seed bank.

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When was that offer seen by you my friend…?
You peeked my interest…

This morning, I think. Let me check…

Yep, got it this morning: “Also, when you order today you’ll also receive detailed germination instructions. And when your order is more than $150 you’ll get a free account for Bergman’s Lab, my premium training course on how to grow awesome weed (sells for $127).”

I’m not sure if that’s today only or…

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Thanks brother…
I think I’m gonna buy me some seeds …
Needed to do it anyway’s … :grin:

No worries! Let me know how it goes for you. What strains are up next?

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All of them… :grin::grin::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::fire::fire:

Nice. I like your style. :sunglasses:

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Hahaha. All of them… doggone Peach is going for a rain forest this time


More strains is the only way to fly…
I have 22 or 24 new strains going at the moment and still have to get the flower and vegg rooms built… :exploding_head::flushed::woozy_face::partying_face::thinking::upside_down_face::grin::wink: