Need help... First time. Close to harvest?

Hello, So I need your opinion and help I am a first time grower. So first little about the begining. I ordered all Autoflower Blueberry, amnesia haze, northern lights. So I started with 2 of each to germinate. Blue berry’s went off with a punch the others were duds. So I let ILGM know they wanted me to plan the rest to see what all is bad. So planted all 5 blueberry. They all took off without a hitch. The Amnesia and Northern lights only 1 sprouted. ILGM resent seeds (Thank you ILGM) i haven’t started those yet though, ended up starting to much for my smaller tent.
Ok anyways started germination Aug 25th. So as of right now they are about 13 1/2 weeks old from seed.

7 plants growing in my tent (Crowded) 43x43 grow tent. 1 600w LED, 1 normal light bulb in heat lamp, then 1 heat lamp, a good fan.
Bottom tent temp is 20C(68degrees), the top is 23C (73 degrees) good circulation in there leave constantly moving. PH is good. Humidity is 37-44%.
3 plants are about 48 inches tall
2 are about 40 inches tall
2 are only 24 inches tall.
Also side note with me working 14-18 hour days and these being autoflowers there has been no light cycle. 24hrs on.

I was giving my plants tiger bloom products. The Grow and the bloom. All the way up to 10weeks. I stopped that then tried the Big Buds but as soon as I switched to that the next day went and checked on plants and they had Nuit burn. So I immediately stopped that and have been using straight water for past 2-2 1/2 weeks. And they got their color back.

What I am running into now and need opinions/help on is,…
So they all have smaller buds on them now will attach pictures. The pistils on them are turning brown. But buds seem way to small for that to happen already. Is this normal? How long do my plants have left?

It looks like you still have a bit. There’s still a quite a few white hairs. Have you looked at the trichomes? If they’re about 20% amber you can put them in the dark to finish. They look great.

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I would also flush if you can. Especially if you were worried about nute burn.

How much more time would you expect? The only thing I’m worried about is the buds seem so small compared to the bushy ones I’ve seen. With the hairs turning already just has me a bit concerned that I’m going to bring in a low amount.

They all look a good 6 weeks out still. Looks like they’re suffering from lack of light.

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My auto is starting to show little brown spots on it,its in coco coir,and I cant figure out what is wrong with it,its a month in flower at least

Perfectly normal they look great got a bit to go like everyone already said

That’s a lot of plants in the tent with what looks like a blurple what kind of light and power @Manni1

Are you replying to me manni 1?I am in a 4x4 I jave a 5 bar strip light,I have posted no pics but some of the leaves are showing brown/gold spots its in coco coir and 1 is I fertilizer I cant figure it out.

I see what plants you on about now soz.

Without any pictures or other info other than brown spots about a month into flower I’ll go with calcium deficiency. You would get more responses if you start a thread, fill out a support ticket, and add some photos.

Don’t know how to do that am rubbish with tech

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You happen to have a tds meter? Know your input and runoff ppms? What are you feeding it?

@Derek34 I agree with @BobbyDigital and @shady424 - looks decent. Looks like you’ve got several weeks left to my eyes - how long have these been flowering for? If you started them at the end of August I’d expect they started flowering by Oct. 1 right? If that’s the case you’re seeing what you should expect. These aren’t gonna be big fat ass colas, the plants just aren’t robust enough for that but you can at least get some good quality bud (all things relative - it is ruderalis :roll_eyes:) even if you aren’t pulling down an oz a plant.

@Manni1 you’d have an easier time telling if people were responding to you or the thread starter if you started your own thread for your issues rather than hijack someone else’s.

I put in the wrong tag sry I was saying seven plants with one 600 led is too little light not to you sry. I personally have a 600 watt blurple just over my one hydro pl t then a 1000 watt hps over the rest one led that size isn’t enough for seven plants at all