Need help, first indoor setup...ever!

Hi all.
So ive gone and got myself a decent light(CLW SS550) ive got enough room to fill the veg/bloom area of the light.
So, what do i need to setup and get started?
How high to hang the light?
What sort of air flow?
How to maintain humidity?
Any help and advice would be so grateful for.
Cheers all.


U need some fans for air flow and a humidifier to keep ur humidity right you want ur humidity around 60-80% for seedlings and for veg u want it to be around 60-65%

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Welcome , If you continue to grow an something you like to do. I recommend Purchase a quality digital ph meter, apera of blue lab would be a good choice. Also Conductivity meter , Both will be used for watering in an checking run off.
Good luck :+1::v:

@AussieBud welcome to the forum….

For indoor grows you have your light, I’m assuming you have a tent.

You will need to exhaust your grow area to somewhere other than your grow area.

If you have neighbors close by a carbon filter would help.

As mentioned a PH meter.

You can pickup a lux meter to measure light output.

You may need either a humidifier or dehumidifier depending upon the conditions where you live.

What’s your medium?
Soil or soiless?

You will want to either a microscope or jewelers loop, wide angle attachment for your phone to be able to view trichromes.

You may also need a place to properly dry out your product. I use a small tent with fans and a humidifier.

What are you using for nutrients?