Need help first grow

I’m new to growing as well and have had a very stubborn GG4 in flowering for around 15 weeks :unamused: (yes… you read that right… someone told me some strains will act like that so I started my 2 week water only diet for her… I took a sample bud from her a few days ago and had 2 friends try it last night. They said it was fantastic… but even the sample bud wasn’t showing amber🤷

This is her from 5 days ago… she’s getting chopped in 3 days.


Wow! Nothin but buds.


I know right! She was a multiple experiment plant… she’s foxtailing, as you can see, like crazy. But that’s OK. I’ll trim all foxtails off and put them with the rest of the trimmings for making dabs!:blush:


Njoy my friend u learn u live u do better second grow for me I’m doin organic this grow. I’ll keep u posted

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