Need help first grow

:clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4: looks awesome. Congrats!

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“Im just learning” to make monster buds

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Thx to everyone for your Big help this forum has been a blessing I never thought that growing herb would be this fun and meeting new people with new ideas . Big big thx to @OGIncognito he’s been with me since day 1 thanks a bunch my guy.


It’s not over


Thanks for that Brother and true words on the community support. I’de be in a world of Hurt without the support on here! Roll us a big fat one and pass it around :love_you_gesture:.


Cut and hung in closet


My buds are soft and squishy after harvest is that normal @OGIncognito @Covertgrower


My room is 75 -80 f and humidity is 45

Are the buds light and airy?
This can happen for a variety of reasons and at least some of them are light related

Not enough light for area, improper light distance/intensity

These are the most normal causes for larfy bud most of which is simply not a strong enough light

I can’t tell what you have there but it looks like it could be hlg kit light which is usually good for one plant so it could be something else

Most stuff I see about rock hard nugz is about strong lights though

Was this an auto? Some users here, me included, have had that issue with autos in general

Not Nicky though became grow autos that are rock hard, so I hear

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They were pretty dense before harvest but whhen I checked 5 hours later there soft and squishy. Maybe they’ll bounce back. It’s a gg4 auto

I had a million trichomes will they come back @Mr_Wormwood

I hope they hard as rocks

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Me 2 my friend I’ll post a pic in next couple days I hope I didn’t mess up this Wonderful plant

I did do a plant wash tho

If they were dense when you chopped them, you could still be ok. Temps are a little high. I try and dry below 70 and RH around 50%. As @Mr_Wormwood stated lighting can affect bud quality.


Depends on how dry it is too. After it’s fully dried, I would check again.

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Hi this is my first grow. On Friday my plant looked like this

When I woke up this morning (Monday) my plant looked like this

Any advice? Thank you.

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It’s stretching for light. Put some more medium in the pot and put a stick or pencil beside the seedling to brace her up. Is that a window sill grow?

Ok thank you for replying and yes it is a window seal grow. I redid it and this is how it looks now. Would you still suggest standing it up and attaching it to a stick or pencil so it will grow straight or will it pop back up? I added a little more water.

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Dam @OGIncognito my ish still soft it’s like the thc let WTH is going on