Need help first grow

Say say fellow grower what light do u use


Built my own. Have a few cheaper man’s high efficiency lights.

One’s 10 EB strip build on a 185w driver. Used it for years. Like 1st or 2nd gen strips tho. Damn decent but I wantd more.

So I build 2 sets of 5 strips on 100w. Same gen lights. Never even hung em. They’ll eventually become veg/clone lights. Hopefully soon…

Not long after I finally assembled those. I caught a sale on the R-Spec like strips. Slapped 6 of those on a 240 i think… 2 of em lol. Right now im just using one in half my flower area. Its a solid 4x4 space tops (in use)

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@PurpNGold74 your Light setup Seem pretty solid G

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Trust me. There’s tons better out there. But if I dedicated it properly? I could churn out some serious meds. Its more of a time in the day thing now. I drop a few grow alot and close shop. This journal was supposed to be a perpetual tho so i guess i should get my act in gear, hang more lights, and drop more seeds.

@PurpNGold74 what do you have growing now

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Lil bit of everything man. Terple, Tart Pops, some random seeds, Snuggle Funk, Triple Goddess, Sunshine Queen, Mountain Temple, and Moonshine cookies.

Flipped to flower Monday.


Fellow az grower here! One of our main challenges growing here is definitely the environmental part. There are a lot of us in this forum and we all do it differently. Indoor/outdoor, soil/hydro/coco. But we all battle the temp/rh swings. Your setup looks like it has proper Temps being in a room like that. Hardest part will be keeping the humidity up. You got a beautiful girl there and you’ll figure out what works for you. Ill tag along if you don’t mind!?


By all means

Them ladies look mighty fine my guy that’s y I mess with u u got prove lol

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My lil girl grew last night I’m watering more couple fellow grower gave me some advice

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Thanks. Been tryna get those leaves back happy. U can see the lowers got pretty pissd at me various times lol.

New growth looks better!

Yes I know I bought a humidifier and I keep it between 60 and 65 and ac at 78

Yeah man I love tryin to grow I smoke alot shit my whole fam does so the plant is a super necessary


I haven’t even heard about these strains your growing are they super exotics?
I’m growing some gorilla glue for starters
One question about seedlings how on god’s green earth do I get them started I leave them in a cup of water for 48 hours and plant once they have tails but Everytime I start a new plant it dyes in the peed pot any pointers

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Shes starting to grow alittle each day

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Is the light green a problem?

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Sorry man. Typed this and forgot to push send.

I can feel that. We blow heavy at my address to. Each harvest saves me at least a $1000. Maybe alot more haha.

Starting plants is the dozey at the beginning.

I keep it pretty simple. Heat seems to be the magic ingredient.

Wet solo cup of soil first
Cup of water 24 hours
Damp paper towel 24 more
Put seed (hopefully with nice tail) in 2 day damp soil and cover lightly

Nah not super exotics. Just some polyhybrids. I liked the sound of. Black domina x hashplant (s funk). Skunk x tangie x zhittlez x purple punk (tart pops). Stuff like that. Side note one of the Tart Pops smells like oranges! Amazing lol.

And the yellowing at the bottom is a slight problem. They go anyway but its kinda soon. What medium are you in again?

Pot for pot and mother Earth
That sound like a amazing strain how for do I keep my light I bought them tester u spoke about. I have a spiderware light and I need to know how far from light the plant has to be I have it up at 20 and the meter is reading dark I put it down and now it reads light but my lamp is about 12 inch for it to get enough light

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These meters are for checking solutions (liquids) pH and TDS meters. Not ppf/lux. Those are light meters

20 inches sounds reasonable. Which spiderware light?