Need help finding specs

12 of these was donated to me with drivers, I need to find the specs . I would appreciate any help given

@dbrn32 this is his realm.

What kind of drivers?

I have 3 eco drivers they only pull 50w , knowing companies this is the bare minimum these boards can take

Found a similar one on line no specs they are 3500k , that would be fine for veg . But I wanted to update the driver so I can use one instead of 3

Maybe build it out on some fire rated fiberglass angle

I can’t find anything with part number either. If they were wired 4 strips per driver, then they can’t be much more than 10-12 watts per strip in factory configuration. I’m not sure I would dump the cash into a big driver for them anyway. Would probably just try to make them run with what you have.

3 drivers they definitely have to be remotely mounted . These are dimmable drivers , A nice dial mounted next to the driver would be nice

These were the same strips that were on a fixture I took of a picture of a long ass time ago.


@Covertgrower so what did you find out

You would think so, but it’s not neccesarily the case. Three 50 watt drivers will have about the same amount of waste heat as one 150 watt driver.

Nothing, I no longer have access as it’s over 3,000 miles away from where I am currently. lol. Sorry!

I understand your logic , it’s the same watts being used so you would have the same heat . That is assuming the new driver is lacking new tech to make it run more efficient, internal wire size and many more variables. But most likely you are right

Target is doing a nation wide remodel, out with the old led high bays and in with the new . Hundreds went the trash . I had a friend grab me 3 fixtures. So I gutted them and screwed to the rafters in my garage. I was smoking a joint and looked up , man those look like Samsung led. That’s why this thread got started.


Lmao! I can see it… hanging out in the garage and saying, “hey those are Samsung strips… I bet those are 301 LEDs.” Your buddy looks at you and says how the F did you know that?

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@NeoGroR The power of weed LOL