Need help figuring out when to harvest

Im trying to figure out if this is ready to pop or not, i got 12 growing, and 5 were planted week before the other 7, and i think the first 5 are very close. Thanks


She looks like she may be getting close.

Do you have a tool on hand to evaluate the trichomes on the buds? A jeweler’s loupe, microscope, or macro lens? The “doneness” of the plant is going to be governed entirely on how mature the trichome heads are.

Specifically the trichomes that look like the one in the upper far right of this picture - the rounded heads on the stalked capitate will be milky white or amber when she’s done.


Thanks for the reply, yes i have a 30x magnifying class, but honestly im struggling to see the difference between cloudy and clear. Il see if i can get a picture through it when i get home.

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Give it a shot.

The best advice I have is “clear looks like glass, cloudy looks like plastic, and amber is amber.”

This gal is “mostly clear” with cloudy starting to form.

Here’s “mostly cloudy”

And here’s “cloudy with amber”

The bulbous heads are all you need to look at - the rest is fairly irrelevant. Clears are almost translucent. As it opacifies, it begins to cross the threshold into cloudy.




Welcome to the community and that’s a beautiful bud what strain is that

Its auto runtz, and thanks!

Closest i could get with glass through camera.
Also my full grow… went a little big for a first timer :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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Welcome to the community. Graysin, has you covered

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