Need help feeding my plant (chicken pellets)

hi this is my first time growing my own plant and im doing it outdoors. i read somewhere that chicken pellets as fertilizer is a good choice for beginner growers as its easy to use. so i bought it online but the only thing i know of it is that it has a 5-3-2 npk and have no idea on how often to feed my plant or even how much to give it. im on my 2nd week of veg and havent fed it anything (tho i planted it on a 50-50 combination of compost and soil-less medium so its still good with just water) yet cause im scared to screw it up. can someone please help me out?

Post some pics but best advice is to not change what’s not broken, be vigilant on your ph and get use to training techniques. If you do those things you’re good to go.

For note - organic admendments are typically time released and take some time to inoculate, usually about a week. You’ll need to be proactive and as soon as you think they’re hungry (4-5 weeks unless in super soil). If you are feeding any synthetic or making teas you can afford to wait longer as they are readily available

Chicken is pretty hot so be conservative with it at first. Id wait for the plant to get a foot or so tall and develop so root before giving it a nitro boost.

Are they outside in the ground or in pots?
I too have read about using chicken pellets but not sure if there will be any issues with those like you could have with chicken manure which is definitely hot and need composted first.
The NPK seems fine for now
Google using chicken pellets for cannabis growing and see if there’s info out there as to how much and how frequent.
You’ll probably also need some additional different nutrients for flower than the chicken pellets.
As of now if in the ground if it were me I would scratch in about 1/4 cup around the drip line of the plants/s and wait a few weeks and repeat as long as they are looking good and not freaking out but may need to use more as they get bigger. Ok now are these pellets from chicken shit or chicken feed? Lol
If in pots I would wait a bit.

When you say second week of veg is that from when it tailed or if not how many weeks total since in soil?