Need help fast loosing my babies! Ph drop!

Jam it in there; it couldn’t hurt. Basically lower intensity means looser airy buds with less weight to them. You just have to be aware that the plant won’t need to be fed as heavily just because it isn’t processing sugars the same as it would if under high-efficacy LED’s.

FYI those lights would probably make jiffy veg lights but just not enough oomph for rock hard nugs.


Completely understand. This is my first grow seemed to being going great till the ph issue. I read alot more about the lights felt it was the cause of slow growth. Thanks alot some people like to be aholes on alot of forums these days when people ask questions. Thanks


Not here; we do not tolerate that. We all started out with our first grow. Some of us sooner than others. Happy to pass along what I and others have learned about this amazing plant. So look around and join in; ask questions and make some friends. They are all a great group.

I’m one of the moderators as is @dbrn32 and @MattyBear. You just have to put the @ sign in front of their handle and that will tag them.

Let's talk DIY lights

This is a great thread to learn about lighting.

Here’s my current journal. You might get some ideas perusing it.


This is NOTHING like other forums my friend. I tried 2 other sites b4 settling in here and they were all trolls and a-holes bound on degrading you and puffing out chests. I will never learn enough to tell ppl it’s “this way” or your wrong. It’s amazing all the stoners different take on ideas and ingenious hacks. Regardless welcome again if I missed it and I’m glad your figuring shit out. Stay healthy :muscle::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask: