Need help dont know whats wrong


Started them in the miracle seed growing soil transplanted them into little pots with 420 soil when they got too big for the little pots we put them in 2 gallon pots with the same kind of soil and this is what they’re starting to do we just transplanted them again cuz they outgrew two gallons now in 5 gallons use the same soil and only two of the plants are doing it
They are on 18 hours light six sleep schedule they are indoors as its to cold to put out side
They are called LSD and about 1 month old from seeds


Is it just that one leaf ? Or others
If the plant was root bound it may have caused a issue there or ovwr watering
Can you post a picture of the whole plant in natural light as well
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Is this cross posted? I thought I saw it on another thread and responded.


Its possible someone moved it i see a pencil in title? @Myfriendis410 if you see ot somewhere else let me know they are a new member


You got it, John.


Its all over the plant and some on another one also. When w transplanted them this last time they were real rootbound but they were doing it before we transplanted but not as bad we have five and total plants but only two got it one really bad one it’s getting to be bad I will send a picture of the whole plant



I would watch the new growth over all the plants look good
The damage that was done earlier may get worse and those leaves rarely get better after getting damaged fyi

Whats the ph and ppm of your run off ?


Could that be spider mites or some other pest? The closeup is suggestive.


Running with out my glasses today so i having a hard time seeing the small lol @Myfriendis410 i see white dots on the leaves tho when you enlarge?