Need help dont know what i did wrong is it to late for her?

You did a good job when you top her… Now…
I think that is a calcium deficiency in progress… You need to fill a new support ticket
Do you give them cal-mag or something else like Epsom Salt?

No havnt gotten nutes yet ordered them last week should be here tomorrow.when i fill out new ticket do i go to the same thread or start new topic? And thanks iv watched a million videos b4 i clipped it lol.

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Copy paste that here please… Also a picture whit the problem in natural light will help

Hey garrigan thanks for the help on phosphorus issue its all cleared up and doing fine, which brings me now to next issue. I wanted to get your input on weather this is male preflower or not.its not located on the node its actually coming up on the new growth! Just wanted some confermation b4 i got rid of it.


Yeah, sorry but that hanging ball thing looks male. Give it a couple days if it stays like a ball hanging, or more show its definitely a dude


Hey m4ur im having a few issues hopefully you can help me with. So here we go again lol ! My girl has been in veg since 11/24/17, she’s starting to get random browm spots and leaves are curling up and some are curling down,also a slight discoloration. (Some parts of leaves are a lighter green than others.) I know im having a small mite problem i bought 2 seperate products for mites 1 being (captain jacks dead bug and the other Bonide neem oil) the first didnt work at all the neem oil seems to be controling and killing off the population. Now i did a flush once and it seems thats when the curling and spots hit hard,was i wrong in flushing? I was told that the curling and burning of newgroth could be not enough nutes in the soil but i gave her the normal amount of nutes that she usually gets after the flush and soil dried. Her second feeding i increased the nutes by to a little over half what she usually gets to get her going. I dont know if i gave her to much or still to little. (Her usual is half stregnth). I dont know what i did wrong but shes declining fast. A few hours after i took these pics a new leaf has started spotting and curling from the top of the plant (the last pic). The ph is going in at 6.5 and coming out the same the day and night temps are fluxuating slightly between 75 and 80 degrees i have 2 fans pushing the air flow. The humidity is between 55 and 60% i moved lights about an inch higher she keeps touching the lights so shes still growing fast. What am i doing wrong please help id hate to get this far to loose her!

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Ok… I’m not a expert but let’s see what I can do to help you out. Firs of all I will post some charts and hope will help you/us to identify the problem :wink:

In my opinion you have a phosphorus defiency, whit what do you feed her?
Now look at this charts and let me know whit what your problem like?


I agree with @M4ur and also the mites can affect how your plants look and take in nutrients. Get them under control ASAP.

I guess him have that problem under control because I don’t see many white dots on the leaves :wink:

Im feeding the 3 part foxfarm products although im only useing to grow big and big bloom because i havnt flipped her to flower yet. Trying to get the mite issue under control and give her back side toppings a little more time to fill out. Should i be useing all three even though im not ready to flip?

She needs cal/mag for sure. Got any?

Not yet but will be getting it in the am

I don’t know anything about fox farm, but you can give her a small dose of bloom because that have more PK than others…
Also i guess she have root problems because it’s very big for that pot. How big is that pot? 3gal,5gal? I recommend you to get a fabric pot(5-7gal) because it is a life saver for mj plants.

Yes definitely see the phosphorus and maybe a little of the calcium as well. What’s my quickest solution she going down fast. It took only a few hours after i trimmed her down of all the bad leaves to start showing in other places

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The pot is 3 gallon iv just purchased the 5 gallon yesterday im on it

I hope it’s fabric pot :joy:! You need to repot her ASAP
Like @MattyBear said cal mag it’s good to have around, I don’t use that(it was hard for me to get it) but I use Epsom Salt (1/4 tbs per gallon of water, maybe a little less like 1/5) ,that also helps to lower the pH. Calcium is immobile so needs magnesium to be absorbed by the root system :wink:
PS Maybe you can find a small bottle of phosphorus (only).

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Yes its fabric lol. I use epson salt as well i use 1 full teaspoon per gallon i was having some coloring issues and it bought the color back in days.I’m gonna invest in the cal mag.

Wow… 1 tbs per gallon is way too much, this way you will have salt built on the root system —>and that is bad because the root system will not be able to feed the plant, maybe this is the actual problem with phosphorus and other nutrient issues
Only 1/4, it’s enough for her, trust me.
After you will repot her, you can switch to flowering stage, she will continue to grow. Some plants are double the size when go in flower stage(others are triple the size :joy:) …it’s only my opinion so do what you have planned for her :wink:


Ok ill cut back the salts and repot asap, i guess i should flip her as soon as i repot because she will need the room.

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Thanx for the help guys!!!