Need help diagnosing problem with plants

I have a 6 plant RDWC set up with 4 soil plants in the middle. They were extra from germination they will be in there own tent in the next few days. This is my second time trying my first grow. The first time 5 of the 6 plants had really bad problem I think multiple deficiencies and 5 of them trashed out and I got rid of them and started over. I left one plant from the first grow because it was the only one that grew, it isn’t in good shape but it was the only one that grew and I wanted to see if I could diagnose the problem. The second time growing they were all doing well till a few days ago(weeks longer than last time) now I’m seeing the beginning of what I saw the first time. The big plant from the first grow is still showing problems. I would like help figuring out the problem Iv done tons of research and nothing helped last time now this time i would like to figure out the problem before the plants are shot. My biggest concern is root rot, the roots look decent but definitely brown areas but idk if that’s nutrient stain. I will list setup below, if I miss something I will add the information.

Current RDWC
strain- gg4
Time- 27 days from seed
Nutrients- Advanced nutrients connoisseur A&B, b52, cal mag. Also cal mag foliar feed ( if not root rot I thought cal mag deficiency).
PPM 500 (1.0 EC)
Ph 5.8-6.0 consistently
Temp Humidity- 77F 50% humidity
Lights- medic grow ez8 at 60% 30 inches from smallest plants. 18 on 6 off.

Haven’t had a problem maintaining ph is stay right where it should Doesn’t really go up or down. Ppm stays around the same sometimes goes up 10-20ppm the i add some water if the water went down. I think the water level is fine and there is plenty of oxygen in the system. The soil plants don’t seem to be having the same issues.

:point_up_2: for their growth stage this should be at least an EC of 1.8-2.0 PH looks good. I would also make sure there’s a minimum of 1”, with 2” being better between the water and net cup :love_you_gesture:


We saw an identical issue just last week, but it was in soil. I believe it is a potassium deficiency. Upping your EC should get it under control, though the damaged leaves will not heal.


Thanks for the replies, much appreciated … upping the nutrients isn’t a problem. If the ppm stays steady doesn’t it mean that it’s around the right ppm. If it wasn’t enough nutrients would the Ppm go down as they eat. My ppm if anything goes up around 10pm per day…

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Handy little guideline for dwc


How far below net pot is liquid?

What is the liquid temp?

How much wattage are you running?

How large a space are you growing in?

When is the last time you calibrated your PH meter?

How much air is being delivered to totes?

How large is your grow space?

I would not foliar feed under any circumstances. Cal mag in solution (added first). Are you running silica? IMO the plants shown need more nutrients.

Remember that light levels will dictate nutrient uptake. If lighting is sub-par the plant can’t do it’s job.



@Myfriendis410 is asking the right questions to help us help you keep everything moving along. Definitely up the amount you’re feeding, with emphasis on K, Ca and Mg as you go.

@Runtz Welcome to the Community!!


That’s what I thought as I scrolled through the pics. Seems strange to see a K deficiency in a plant that hasn’t started flowering.




Thanks a bunch for your input, here are the answer to your questions with additional details I missed the first time.

Pot distance form water is about 4 inches (roots don’t have a problem reaching water there plenty long enough).

Water/Rez temp- kept at 68-69 F (using water chiller)

Light wattage- it’s a 1000w light it’s at 40% so I’m assuming 400 watts. I don’t have anything precisely measure watts or a par meter. The lights are about 28 inches from the top of plants.

Grow space is a 5x5 tent.

Ph calibration- I have a Amazon pen (ph and ppm) that I was worried was inaccurate so I got a blue lab ph pen and ppm pen. The Amazon pen and blue lab were almost the same at 5.8-6.0 and 500ppm the blue lab pens were also just calibrated a few weeks ago. Seems to be in order.

Each bucket has a airstone And i intake on top that splashes in the water. Also two sprayers on the Rez. Lots of bubbles.

Nutrients- no Silica. Using cal mag, AN grow part A and B, b52 and king crab. The order I use them in is cal mag, part A then part B then b52. U used cal mag to get to 350 ppm.

Thanks again!


Thanks for the input, i answer the questions from previous post adding details to the setup… should that be in the base nutrients?

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I would bump the TDS up to around 2.0 or 1,000 ppm at this stage of it’s life.


Yeah, it should. Part A has the N, P, and K. Your Part B has more N, and probably some calcium. The CalMag will provide additional calcium.

Follow their recommended feed schedule, it will likely produce good results. They have a nutrient calculator on the AN website you can tailor to your res size.


Ok, I will give it a try today and see what happens. Thank you.