Need help diagnosing my plants and im new to the community

Hello everyone my names mike im new here and a beginner grower i was wondering if my plants are looking ok so far


Looking ok. Try not to over water.

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Welcome to ILGM forum. They look good. Your title mentions diagnosing your your plants. Is there something specific your concerned about.


To be honest i got the seeds from random strains i smoked and just saved them and germinated them on the two bigger plants i used a mix of peat select soil and fox farms soil and as they grew i put soil and worm castings around them to help them stand straight and not fall over. On my new seedlings i used only fox farms ocean forest and worm castings
im using a 600 watt led app controlled govee light that is set to veg for 18h on and 6h off i have a fan non oscillating bit its big and set to low for some air circulation im using fox farms big bloom for the two big ones maintaining onve a week since they are so small i use tap water but im from the land of 10,000 lakes so our water is filtered more and i let it sit for 24 hours before use its mantaining a ph between 7.0 and 6.0 and i have had some problems mainly gnats no fungus that i can see but ive killed a few of them every now and agian which is why ive been letting the topsoil dryout and treated it with a hydrogen peroxide +water solution and then later moved to 3 in 1 organic neem oil my main concern is the droopiness of the plant on the left it has had problems but shes so resillient shes always been clawing not majorly but its noticeable and the droopiness is as well i noticed some tacoing of the leaves at times so i raised the lights as my leds do run for at least 18hrs a day. I used to water the bigger girls daily until the gnat problem occurred but lately ive been trying to water the seedling/ sprouts more as they are new to the family. Ive allso noticed redding/purple stems not on the mainstem thankfully but its really noticeable on the stems branching out like they are really purple kinda but i will continue to update you all i appreciate all of you for the knowledge


Little droopy. What I’ve been told for soil is stick your finger in to 2nd knuckle and if you feel moisture don’t water, if you don’t water.

On that note @888Mikael they look terrific your doing a great job


@PharmerBob good afternoon Family had a question
@Drinkslinger. I wanted to transplant my bigger girls
@Bulldognuts. Today as they seem like they’ve been growing slowly i did make the mistake of using peat select as it was all i had at the time when this soil was watser it would be kind of muddy and when it dried it became kinda hard and claylike i mixed in fox farms ocean forest with it to try and balance it out but i feel like they still are struglling a bit what do you think transplant into only fox farms ocean forest + worm castings or leave them be to veg a bit more also i jeed a 2nd and 3rd even a 4th opinion on the gender of my plants its still rather early but very close to the 3 week mark as it would be 3 weeks tomorrow and i see 1 ball with looks like 2 pistills still green emerging from them.

Welcome to ILGM!
Not seeing a sex on any of those yet.


@Covertgrower Thank you so much any advice is much appreciated i will tag you in my latest post forsure

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Do you think i should transplant based on the information provided? @Covertgrower

From your pictures the large ones are in adequate sized for the stage of life they’re in. They’ll need to be transplanted again before the canopy/leaves reach the edges of the container.
You’re on top of them.

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I agree with @Covertgrower. Have you considered using fabric pots. They allow for better drainage and allows more oxygen to flow to roots. Not a necessity but something to consider.


I think they look really good, im new here as well, you will find out that everybody will help you out alot and usually really fast. If i know anything for sure i will help out, my guess is they have been slightly over watered or the light is a little intense or both. Im not sure i had a similar problem at the start and i moved my light to 31in away and water only every 10 days or so and mine perked right up. Now im not gona say i didnt immediately almost burn em up with too much fertilizer as soom as they started lookin good, but hey were all learning every day. Im about to recover from that now and tried to fim mine so we will see in a few weeks whats up. Welcome to the forum and ask away im on here every day askin something.


I bought some and have never looked back i love em so far this is my second grow with them the first was a disaster but had absolutely nothing to do with the fabric pots they were grest!


When they outgrow the clay pots I’d recommend replanting into larger fabric pots. 7 gal works for me, but 5 gal are also adequate for smaller plants.

A blend of ffof and added perlite works well.


I appreciate you all i will be switching to fabric grow bags most likely 7gal i dont know why i hadnt thought of that sooner but ive transplanted the two big girls today i had to cut 2 pot at the bottom and put them in another one because there were so many dead roots from it already being rootbound but now they are in fox farms ocean forest and worm castings


I found 5 gallon the size that works best for me. 7 gallon smart bags are pretty big and the 3 gallon force you to water a lot.
5 gallon was the sweet spot for me anyway.

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Having some problems that i know can be fixed needed a second opinion forsure i transplanted the two big girls on monday and i saw that they had tons of roots stacked on eachother tbh i lost about a handful of roots on each plant and they still had a massive root structure for their size but now im dealing with yellowing tips one plant is drooping so hard🙁 and some minor twisting on both i helped the droopiness with popsicle sticks but took them out as they need sleep too but the last time i watered was this morning at 640 so should i water them again? Soil is pretty dry as this fox farms ocean forest dries up a little quicker even with the worm castings i mixed i need all the knowledge you all can provide as for the smaller girls should i transplant them into red cups like
i wanted to today or should i wait i notice they are curling and twisting a bit @Covertgrower
@Cannabian @Drinkslinger @Bulldognuts @BetrayedSoul @discobot @PharmerBob @CoyoteCody 15797411248964093553838455689215|281x500](upload://foWgdSN0I39KyC4b5pWfCnnv1cN.jpeg)

Probably just a little transplant shock. Water the larger ones to run off, then allow to dry out. You should be good. @888Mikael
They also could be adjusting to the richer soil than they were in possibly. Can’t remember what they were in previous to that. Worm castings do make a big nitrogen difference though. Almost a point or more.


What he said.

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