Need help diagnosing deficiency. Using NFTG

Strain: ILGM wedding cake Autoflower, 51 days old. Second week of flowering.
Soil: Fox Farm Happy Frog
Temp/Humdity: 72-75 degrees, 40-50 %
3 gal pots. Feeding 1/2 gal of water every other day
Light: Marshydro 1000, 8 inch above this plant
Ventilation System: 4 inch
Nutrients: Started on Nectar of the Gods 2 weeks ago. Feeding 1/4 strength of the bottle’s instructions and following the Spartan Regimen. Adding 1 ml of SLF 100.
Slurry Test shows PH at 6.7, ppm 476

The fix is to remove the leaves affected. They are more than likely old fans that are beat up and about to die off.


Agree plant look happy and green , any new leaves or spreading ,I would start looking into it


Kind of looks like “splash” damage. :sweat_drops:


I’m very careful when feeding but I did apply an all natural insecticide to the leaves about 9 days ago. I did it in the middle of the day too and should have waited closer to lights out. Could the leaves just be burned due to this? I would think that would have shown up right away rather than showing up a week later and getting worse.

I think you hit the problem. Droplets settled and light did the rest. My thought.


Yes. Likely contributed to it.


Calmag and heat issues from ph swings being inconsistent.