Need help diagnosing and fixing

This is my first grow im only 3 weeks into my grow just started a few plants,2 of which are having issues. Plant1 has drooping leaves that has now curled under and turned brown. Plant 2 has 1 leaf with brown tip and drooping. Im not sure how to upload pics yet but when i do ill send

An improper pH, nutrient toxicities, related to a improper pH, or from over feeding, and or over watering are among the top suspects with your description.

Pics will help.

Knowing the pH and or the nutrient strength (in EC, PPM or TDS) at the root zone will be the most helpful.

Are your plants in soil or hydro?

You can test the run-off water out the bottom of the container, if in soil or soil like substrate, to get an estimate of the pH or EC/TDS in the soil/substrate.

Or you can get a more accurate measurement as described here:

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They are a little over 2 weeks old,i havnt started any nutes yet. I started them in pro max seed soil. I just started giving adding tea

Of course check for bugs, and even any type of physical occurrence that might have damaged the leaf.

But in general my previous diagnoses and recomendations still hold. An improper pH and overwatering are still my biggest concerns.

The fact that they are in seed starter soil, are two weeks old and have well developed true leaves with withering cotyledons, suggests you probably need to start a light feeding regimen.

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Im agree with above posts
What size pots are they in and how iften are you watering soil looks wet in pictures
What is ph of the water your using
Also what nutrients are you planning to use
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Thank you glad to have people who know what there doing to help lol. I havnt transported to pots yet they are in beer cups right now,i just went out and bought some 5 gallon pots planning to transfer them when i see roots growing out of bottom. Right now they are only 3 weeks old and are quickly establishing a good root system. The only thing ive been giving them is compost tea and spring water right now. I also just got a ph tester and the spring waters ph is at 7. Any suggestions on what kind of nutes i should start giving them being as though they are so young? They are working on there 5th nodes now can i change pots now ?