Need help diagnosing a problem!

Hi guys so I’m in the 6th week of flowering using rdwc strain is seedsman WW feminised photo. I have 2 growing in a 1mx1mx2m tent, RH is usually 50% I cannot get it lower than this but the airflow is good. Ppm is 1200 it has gotten higher than that and I saw some nutrient burn so keep diluting it. The pH always between 5.8 and 6.0 I’m using AN pH perfect nutes. Current light is a 600W hps. The roots look white and healthy water temp is pretty much constant 18°c. So the problem some strange happenings on some of the large leaves and the small leaves around the buds are starting to claw upwards at the base. Here are some pictures

So there is brown spots on the big leaves.

The leaves curling up like tacos could be a heat issue. I had the same thing but much worse.

What your day and night temperatures

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Day is 20°c night is getting as low as 10°c

The tent is in my shed and I have a heater in there which is on full all the time. The light is as far away as I can get it. Which is about 18" from the tallest colas

Looking back at your other post on your other thread, it looks to me like you’ve had a severe case of light/heat stress I imagine possibly, the heat stress along with nute burn has caused you some grief.

I use one of these. Theres loads of different products similar. But basically i set a temperature and it turns my heater on and off when it strays from the setting I’ve set. Leaving the heater on all the time will cause issues. Especially of you have bad circulation on the tent.

Its happens I’m afraid. I didnt realise the heat from my dehumidfyer was kicking out directly below one of my plants. Crispy is an understatement.

Ok thanks. So my extractor is on full speed all the time the dehumidifier I’m using is only a little 500ml thing it’s not really giving off much heat. Temps of 20°c (68°f) is not afaik high for them? so it must be the light? I’ve managed to lower the plants about 2" and I’ve pulled the light forward if you have seen my diary then you can see the canopy is quite low at the front. I’ve moved the heater to inside the tent to combat the extra low night time temps.