Need help determiing plants male vs female Pls help!

Check What Type 8-3-22
Hello everybody,
I purchased these seeds from ILGM and planted this 11 May 2022 I started it in a solo cup but forgot the seed ID number I believe its white widow seed BUT I was worried this might actually be a MALE plant. I wanted to know if someone could determine what this was I took photo today after work 8-3-2022 This plant was started indoors then moved outside then it really started growing

You have a female. All seeds from ILGM are feminized.

Also if it was indeed a male it would have done opened its sacks and been dead by now. My understanding of males is they die once they release!

Thank you DarhkGrows I could not tell at all. This is all new to me I never planted before at all. I thought since this plant really took off growing tall an fast that perhaps it was a male plant. Once it went outside and it’s rained several times its growing crazy. The one plant right next to it is a BGB-FP5 and it came from a super small branch leaf cut and NOW its about 1.5meters tall now. I might post more photos tomorrow of others I purchased from ILGM well ALL of the plants I have came from ILGM But this plant I am not sure if this is Mold or if its just what grows around with the buds. Its not clear nor cloudy but it fills some voids and its a off white color substance just not sure what it is. I really Thank you for your reply Darhk

Post your pictures you take tomorrow to this same post!

U have a female plant thats buds all over it

Male plant pictured, notice the “Ball” of pods on top and absence of white hairs (2/flower).