Need help designing my hydro tents

DWC Hydropoinc System Kit (4)

Return lines are too small you would have to change those

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@PharmerBob there’s the link. Please give me your honest opinion. If you think I would be better off just building my own I will

Ya I was looking at that as well. Half inch lines would be better

@Myfriendis410 pictures of your tote set up or tag me in your journal would be awesome.
I only have weeks to get this going

Last winter’s 3 plant RDWC

Current grow toward the end: straight DWC one plant

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I might start with some low wattage pumps and a battery backup. I’d rather have 2 40L/min pumps servicing a tote than a single pump. Just my preference.


Also when buying air pumps the farther they are from buckets the larger you need. Keep that in mind.
I have about 10’ air lines 2 per tote 3 totes one is a res. I have to use 2 pumps to get enough air. Dual 1157gph

You can save a lot building your own system or at least have better for what you can spend.

I use 1 inch black lines from plant totes returned to reservoir. I have 1/2 inch black lines that go from water pump in res to sides of each tote. So that causes a nice flow of water.
I also have a second water pump going from res through a chiller and back to res.
The totes are from lowes 17gal 9bucks each. I would find taller ones as these have a shallow water amount they can hold with netpot in it.
Here are a few pics for your learning and guide. There are many ways to build a system. Look at all of them and plan a build. Save money and have better setup.

Well I’m a bit embarrassed as to how messy this looks. But anyways all the tiny lines are 1/4 air lines. Big ones are return lines to reservoir and medium is water pumped to totes from res.
Also these are the fittings I use.

Fittings for 1/2 3/4 or 1" and for air lines I just cut a small hole in top side of tote.

And finally a little root porn for the end of my post.

Best of luck building your system and happy growing !!!


@Oddjelly always log out of Amazon before you link a photo. It has your name and city. Just a precaution.

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Can you see his location, or your own?

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It’s got his name and zip code on the screenshot. It needs to be edited out.

edit: done


Gotcha. I misunderstood. Thought amazon was doxing us as we linked (which makes little sense, but I don’t put anything past tech at this point.)

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hi i am beginner and dabbleing in DWC i have a top feeder and 2 bubble wands in large 15 gallon tote,(i have heard mention of bubble ponics is that accurate? did you say the root ball will get as large as a basket ball? i have everything on the list except a hydrotron can you please advise what that is

@BetrayedSoul ty ty ty that’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ma visual person. I appreciate you taking the time with such great detail.

I was not aware of my info being there. Ty so much for removing. I will not do that again.

Ok I think I got a plan.

I quest the only thing I haven’t figured is water chiller.

Can I get by with just putting large chunks of ice like frozen gallon jugs. Or do I need to spend the money.

If I do does it run constantly or is there built in automation

So many questions so little time. I’m guessing I should have double off everything also in case of failure. Like pumps chiller. Lines?

I know everyone says hydro is the easiest but man that looks complicated :rofl:.


Is there a specific reason you’re leaning towards a full hydro system ? I grow in coco which is basically hydro with the feel of soil and the growth rate is fantastic.

@Watt-Sun I too used a coco blend with great reults. I’m just curious to see if I can speed the process and have complete control

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Hydro I think is just easiest as the system can be automated.
It’s my lazy way to grow and fun but expensive to build and run. And god forbid if power goes out and u dont have a backup.
It truly is the most complicated lazy way to grow. I may get some soil. I sure wish I could spin a plant to get to back side of it to trim.

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