Need help designing my hydro tents

Ok I’m ready to switch to hydroponics.
I have 3x3 tents
Hlg260 resp lights
6inch exhausting fan
4 inch inlet fan
Temp control
Humidity controlled
Roots organic players pack nutrients

Now what’s the next step??

Anyone want to be my mentor??

I’ve had great success with soil just want to speed things up. Looking for perpetual grow. Harvest every 30 days. I have 4 tents running.

Here’s my last grow. Soon as she’s finished I’ll be switching this tent to hydro.


@PharmerBob I saw a set up of yours in another journal. Could you please tag me in one of your journals that had beginner set up.


I’d be happy to help if you want.

@TDubWilly and @peachfuzz are my go to on hydro.


@Myfriendis410 thank you very much. I thought you were light guy. You were great there.
I’m looking for the easiest and most cost effective. Maybe just bubble buckets??

To be honest I don’t have a clue

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I just don’t want to do things twice. lol

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Let me throw some general things at you based on what I’ve been doing:

You need to decide on what type of hydroponic system you want to run, DWC, RDWC, bubble buckets etc.

If doing a DWC I would first recommend you NOT use buckets. A 5 gallon bucket with a 6" net pot in it, plus 2" of space to the solution below it means that you can only have 3 gallons or so at best in your bucket. Add a basketball sized root ball and you will be servicing all of your buckets daily. A tote that holds 15 to 30 gallons is a much better alternative.

RDWC you could use buckets but recommend a large standing reservoir, outside of the tent.

Don’t screw around with heat management and buy a chiller. (Water temps have to be below 70F)

One plant per tote.

You cannot run too much air in each bucket. I use an 80L/minute pump for one tote.

Water that is either below 100 ppm from the tap or R/O.

Do not mix and match nutrients. Stay with one line if you can.

You are going to need: net pots, hydroton, a decent PH and TDS meter. PH up and down. Hydroguard or similar.

I would also suggest you set up your system and run it, free of plants or nutrients to make sure everything is doing as you want.


If you are looking to do production and quantity here’s what I’d do:

Starting with a mother plant (regular female over feminized) in one tent; set up tent #2 with an ebb and flow system with net pots on 8" centers. In a 3 X 3 you could do 36? Populate the system with 36 cuttings, manage them for rooting (24/0 light, rooting nutes etc) for 2 weeks then flip to flower and manage for one cola on each plant. This will deliver roughly 36 oz of flower every 2 1/2 months per tent and is the fastest way I know to produce lots of product.

The ebb and flow tray can be one or more totes with, again, a reservoir outside the space.


Sounds easy enough :blush:

Over complicated let the man get his feet wet first.

Check our ez stor containers
1-1/2” bulkhead fittings
6” net pots
150gph pond pump
Air pump with stones to keep the solution oxygenated

In a 3x3 do 2 plants marked off in a 2x2 area, space between that in front middle for reservoir

Black buckets help with algae not building up on you

I use an aerogarden to start babies in once they have established a tap root in paper towel.

Transfer to aerogarden then once roots are good and strong put into net pots to go until harvest.

Also can use aerogarden to clone in


Ok I have nice tds And ph meters actually have bunch lol. I’ve gotten my ph and nutrients levels under control.

Ty so much @PharmerBob and @PharmerBob for your help.

I think I like the system where I can have a resevore outside my tent.

I’ve been looking at the 4 pot system they have on amazon.

What’s your thoughts on that for a start??
Waste of money or good start

@Myfriendis410 ty so much as always your a great help. Meant to tag you in last reply

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Link the system

The tower really looks cool. I could cram allot of flower in small space

DWC Hydropoinc System Kit (4)

Return lines are too small you would have to change those

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@PharmerBob there’s the link. Please give me your honest opinion. If you think I would be better off just building my own I will

Ya I was looking at that as well. Half inch lines would be better

@Myfriendis410 pictures of your tote set up or tag me in your journal would be awesome.
I only have weeks to get this going

Last winter’s 3 plant RDWC

Current grow toward the end: straight DWC one plant

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I might start with some low wattage pumps and a battery backup. I’d rather have 2 40L/min pumps servicing a tote than a single pump. Just my preference.