Need help! Deficiency started up

I am 40 days into flower. 7 of the 8 are doing great. One has now developed a deficiency. I feed fox farms nutirents just as the schedule says at this point and every watering use cal mag. So I’m pretty sure is not calcium or magnesium. Any ideas?


I am also having the same problems I’m in the 9th week of flowering and I also use fox farms i water according to the chart and only use the 3 part system with nothing else and mine just started doing this as well

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Are y’all doing the flush that Fox Farms calls for?

No I guess I should have read more lol I just looked at the chart and it says to flush 3 times during the grow with coco is growing in soil the same this is my first actual grow I’ve tried in the past with no luck and also I only feed every other time so it’s feed then just ph balanced water then feed then water etc do I need to flush more than that

I think it’s every so many weeks. I don’t use it but have read about it
I actually have the Trio. Just didn’t use it. I think the schedule on the website is different than on the label

I’m having the same issue. Four weeks in flower Purple Punch. FFOF using Jack’s nutrients. I have 2 in Roots Organic 707, same feed, not showing any deficiency…

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I’ve seen a lot of complaints about FFOF lately


Today was feeding day and I just did it do I need to flush out what I just watered and just keep flushing till I see improvement

I’m doing a solo cup Skywalker OG in FFOF. It’s a little over a week up and the first that hasn’t burned up it’s first couple set of leaves.

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Do you have any recommendations what to use I was told by several different people fox farms is tricky to work with I’ve not had any issues till now so that’s why I’m confused

Outta likes but that’s good you got this!

I used to use it. I think it’s a quality control issue lately

How did you flush?

Not at all. When feeding/watering in soil, you have to be sure your ph’ed to 6.3-.8. And only later as the plant gets bigger and demands more nutrients and water, you might have to water every day. In coco, your pH is 5.8-6.0. and you feed from day 1, and a couple of weeks after sprout, you feed every (other) day.

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The two strains I’m growing are ghost og and super skunk i keep the water I use around 6 on the ph and I haven’t ever flushed them out I guess I’ve not had one lick of problems till the last 4 days and it seems to be getting worse how do you recommend I flush them there in 3 gallon pots but I have trays under them

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With Fox Farms you use their Sledgehammer to flush

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Bet I’m going to look that up rt now I really appreciate the information you give me your a life saver

Can I flush with just water till I get the sledgehammer stuff

I don’t think it works the same but probably wouldn’t hurt…

Any recommendations on which nutrients to use in the future I’ve got another round to go in after I harvest

You’ll have to flush a lot of plain water. The Sledgehammer breaks down the nutrient and salt buildup in the soil and around the roots. Have you tested your runoff numbers?