Need help deciding hydro or soil

I’ve had one successful grow with hydro indoors and I loved it,was thinking about doing soil since I don’t have to baby as much bc of work. And definitely want to make sure I germinate the best way. My super skunk should be here this week from #ilgm and I’ve done white widow on my hydro grow and was fine,I should still have pics on my page. Just a very hard time deciding on .

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I know the answer you seek.

Do soil because you said you want to try it.

Let me know what it’s like. I would also like to try a soil grow.


Soil works very well with a busy work schedule, just add more water/nutes when they get dry, once they get transplanted to the bigger pots it’s rare to have to water more than once or twice a week. I just pulled 4 18 hour work days and my plants were fine.


I’m use to doing nutrients with hydro so definitely need to figure out the right ratio,I use flora grow nutrients.


I think I’m gonna just give it a go ,you talked me right into it lol


I second @Hellraiser on that, soil is no mechanical too so pumps dont just stop for no reason! You can also do a supersoil/ promix blend… I was skeptical at first but it worked great. May do it next winter?


Yeah I’m still trying to decide the soil,I guess something natural bc I’ve never heard good things about miracle grow for this type of grow

I wouldnt use miracle grow for cat litter