Need help confirming deficiencies

I’m sure quite a few of you have seen my other posts about my issues with Phosphorous deficiency and major PH problem with Ocean Forest soil. I am hoping to get more eyes on my plant and see if anybody has any ideas that are possibly being overlooked. @Watt-Sun pointed out the Phosphorous deficiency and possibly Calcium too. As you can see in the pictures the top of the plant looks awful, quite a few of the large fan leaves now have purple stems and ugly leaves but the bottom leaves look normal. I would say at least half of my leaves now have the dark veins instead of the clean, light ones like in the healthy leaves. Here are all the details of my grow for anyone who can help.

AUTOFLOWER, not a photo! Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, 53 days above soil and week 3 of flowering.

HLG 260W QB V2 rspec light currently at 20" above plant. Raised it 2" to help with possible light/heat issues.

5 gal Smart Pot with Ocean Forest plus approx. 25% added perlite.

Temps at the canopy are around 80 to 81 deg during the day and around 71 at night. Humidity currently at 40%.

Ridiculous PH issue that I cannot correct. Runoff PH was at 5.5 when I first tested. Flushed with 14 gal and got runoff to 6.2. Next two waterings PH at 6.0. Today PH at 5.8. Have added a total of 6 tablespoons of dolomite lime to the top 2" of soil and mixed in thoroughly.

I have been using FF Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom, started at 25% dose and now up to 100% and just started with Calimagic today at 1 teaspoon per gal. Runoff TDS around 1000 last watering and today it was 1485. No signs of nute burn that I can see.

Please take a good look at my pictures and see if anything comes to mind besides Phosphorous/Calcium deficiency which is most likely with the low runoff PH.

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