Need help concerning curling leaves and nutrient burn

Hey everyone, I’m sure the question I will be asking has been asked by multiple people. I was concerned about my plants after I added some liquified seaweed concentrate. (ALG-A-MIC)

I’m currently using an HLG 225 Watt grow light.

Miracle gro soil. I used this since my Fox farms ocean mix was on its way from amazon.

I have the light about 12-18 inches above the plants.

Humidity and temperature are consistently 30C and 50%-55%.

I have not been overwatering.

This is the Do-si-lato #7 strain.

I began this feeding with 1 gallon of tap water that was left out for 48 hours to remove any chlorine. I added about 3mg of seaweed concentrate and today I noticed some slight nutrient burn. I also think I have some nitrogen toxicity. At this point I’m not sure if I should flush or leave them be.

These are some photos of the damage.

How old are they? Are they clones? What’s in the Algamic? How much/often are you feeding and watering in those solo cups with miracle grow?

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These clones were purchased June 23rd so they are about 10 days old in my setup. I originally had them outside in the greenhouse but transitioned them inside. The Algamic doesn’t have a detailed breakdown of what is inside of it but I am under the impression there are tons of trace elements inside. I water depending on how dry the soil is. If the cups are light when I pick them up and the soil is dry to the touch I usually give them watering of a quarter to 50% of their total volume. I have not given them any nutrients besides the Algamic.

Until they’re fully rooted, be careful. Once fully rooted, transplant asap.


My advice: get out of MG soil ASAP.

Concentrated fertilizer, moisture retention additives and lack of PH buffering means your plants are going to suffer sooner or later.

Promix makes a soil, Roots Organics makes a soil line, of course Fox Farms, Home Depot carries ‘Black Magic’ as well.


What would you define fully rooted as? Thanks again!

Right on, thank you! I’ll definetly look into transplanting ASAP in 3 gallon pots.

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