Need help choosing which HLG light is best for me

I’m considering buying a refurbished HLG light and thinking about the 350r or the 300l rspec. I grow in a closet that I keep open, and it is 2.5’ deep by 4’ long by 8’ tall. Any suggestions on what would work the best for me. I typically only grow one plant at a time. I currently use a CMH 315. Would one of these be an upgrade over the CMH?

Either would be good id get the 350


350r spec

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I’d go 350, if you want QB 288 boards you can do better with a kit than the 300L IMO.

I just got a 350r that was “refurbished”, it arrived Friday. After a good conversation on the phone Greg informed me that they recently upgraded a couple chips on the quantum boards. The “refurbished” 350r they have in stock now were never sent anywhere. They pulled the old assembled lights they had in stock apart put the new parts on and are calling them refurbished. So they’re brand new upgraded lights


Thank you. That helps a lot.