Need help choosing light for my 4x4?!

Hello everyone so I haven’t set up my tent 100% yet and I’ve changed a few things with the way I want to grow after reading a lot of helpful guides on these forums. Anyways today I need help picking out my light for my 4x4x6 tent I’m going to be growing in. So far I’ve narrowed it down to two lights #1 Kingbrite 600W full spectrum QB288 V4 Samsung lm301h Epistar 660nm UV IR LED. Or 600W Kingbrite bar Samsung LM301H bar with epistar 660nm UV IR led strip grow light. Does anyone have any input on these lights should I go for stronger than 600w?? Need some good advice please @Nicky and @dbrn32


Bar light makes a ton of sense with the 6’ headroom. They used to sell them with an option for better reds for like 20 bucks more, I’m pretty sure…recently I swear I saw them, if you could find one of those that’s what I’d be looking for.


Ok thanks I’ll check it out.

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I happened to be on there yesterday and didn’t see any. I would shoot them an email and see if maybe they are available next week, or never.

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I prefer the boards but it suits my setup better and their heatsinks are quite like hlgs.

Either way kingbrite is a decent choice for lights, I picked up 2 260’s from them a few years ago and had great communication from their staff.


What do you use now for lights if you don’t mind me asking? @PharmerBob

I’ve setup a larger area now and had bought hlg before kingbrite.

They are a good bit more expensive and I didn’t understand why, then I bought those and figured out why.

They use top quality parts and equipment for their lights. You pay more to have them but it’s definitely worth it.

Also you can parts out a lot of the stuff and drive the final cost down a lot!!


And what size HLG or kind would you recommend for my 4x4?

Their 260 double runs for about 350$

But if you broke that down and used hlg for the main part you want, boards and heatsinks what’s left?

Wire, wagos , driver, hangers with clips

So hlg gives the option to buy the board and heatsink for 185…

Lights and boards $185 +30 shipping -$215

Driver $43


Wagos $9

Wago 221-412 LEVER-NUTS 2 Conductor Compact Connectors 10 PK

Hangers w/ clips $7

Bayyee Rope Hanger Hanging Basket Plant Holders for Indoor and Outdoor LED Grow Light Aquarium Lighting Tank Lamp, Stainless Steel (16’’ Black 1Pair)

Power $11

Pinfox 6ft 16 Gauge 3 Prong Heavy Duty Replacement Power Supply Cord Cable 110V 115V 120V Pigtail for Universal AC Appliance, NEMA 5-15 Plug US SJT 16AWG (12A)

18g wire x2 (black & red) $16

RadioShack 18 AWG Solid Copper Hook-Up Wire - 25’ Spool, Black


Cost savings of $150/ unit and I’ve got shipping covered in my cost :wink:


I ran 2 of those in my 4x4

I prefer the xl boards now and have the material for those also

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Whichever you choose, get red diodes not blue. They will help you when you actually need them to


Thank you all very helpful will take into consideration!

I agree that bar light may be a little easier to run fixture closer with limited head room. Otherwise both fixtures look to be using similar components. As such, performance of them should be fairly similar.

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@dbrn32 do you think one of these 600s is powerful enough for me to get good quality and yielding bud that I want out of a 4x4?

It’s going to run me about $500 for one of these lights could I spend my money better elsewhere??

Either should be plenty big enough to meet lighting requirements of 4x4. Kingbrite has fairly good reputation among led crowd, especially diy people. I’m assuming that any issues you would potentially run into would be taken care of, should you choose to use them. The alternative in going with someone like hlg, is what you would be getting for the extra $. History shows that if you have issue, they will usually have part in the mail within a day or two. Coming from US as opposed to overseas. Not to say Kingbrite won’t have equivalent performing components, but you can also be sure that hlg is providing best available. With coupon code hlg 600 is around $650 shipped right now, and sounds like you would have within a week. So all a matter of how much that means to you.


Thanks for the DIY checklist
Saved for future reference.


Thanks a lot @dbrn32 that is a big Thing to think about and to consider because if something goes wrong with my light I’ll need it fixed asap.


That is how most of us are. Not to say overseas company wouldn’t make you whole, but it’s a much more complicated process.


Is there different types of HLG 600s I should be aware of or a specific one I want for my 4x4? Or can I contact the sellers on HLG and have them help me pick out my light? Sorry I just know there are so many types of lights I wanna make sure I buy the right one haha.