Need help. Changing from coco to hydro and plants dying

Recently I change my growing from coco to hydro and run into some problem per attached pictures.
Super Skunk seeds
EC 2.4
PH 5.6-5.7
Feed every 2 hours

Only few plants are dying and I don’t know what causing it

Maybe cut down on the times you feed a day -every 2 hr’s seems a bit much ?Just a thought

I agree unless you went water in which case its still to much

If in middle of grow I would not change - just finish sure you will learn a llot - That’s all part of it - Happy Cultivation - you plants look great !!!

Every 6 hours would be best I believe not every 2 that’s causing a ph swing or a high ppm to rapidly for the plants to photosynthesis , you must have very intense light for plants to eat and consume that much of nutrients that fast , so divide 24 hours by 6 which would be 4 times a day and not 12 …but I’m not expert just my opinion but Macgyverstoner might can help you or Latewood on that choice .

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