Need help Cal mag deficiency?

Have u started back feeding her? What nutrients u running again?

@PurpNGold74 do you know what deficiency this is ??

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Micro flora combo

Calcium all day.

Not enough or to much ?

Not enough. How much are you giving?

@PurpNGold74 quick question I have 3 auto flowers that just made it to pre flower but both look way to big already for a 3 gallon pot. Do you think I can safely transplant at this point into a 5 gallon auto pot watering system ?

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Did you swap pots gotta be careful I go straight from solo cup into 5 gal. So much easier and less stress on plants but if there in 3 gal they should do fine they won’t over grow it they will just max out to there surroundings may have to water more often easy way to tell if they need water is by lifting them up after watering heavy when they get lighter there ready for water now it’s bn getting colder I’ve had to water less than in warmer months

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No I went against it. Kept them in 3 gallons and moved to flower tent.

Nice yeah that’s best move next time start with 5 or you may like the 3 I’m also new grower it’s 50 per. Follow others basics and 50 per trial and error learning daily rite lol I totally enjoy it learning to make my own soil now see how this goes lol

Got pics?

I hate transplanting autos. Especially in flower/transition. But if they are outgrowing the pot, it may be beneficial.

That said, I grow my photos in 1-3 gallon fabric pots. And they always get to about 2x2x2 in size. With soil to spare (except those one gallers)