Need help beginner seedling dying

around 2 weeks old the one serated leaf dried up. I used top soil with perlite and i added bloodmeal to it as well for increased nitrogen. I planted seed before this one and it never sprouted so i thought that it was dead and i germinated another one and placed in same pot. I am using a 20 gallon storage tub that i lined with aluminum foil and using cfls. I have timer on 18/6. I noticed 2 days ago that a second seedling is coming up; maybe this is from first one i thought was dead. up until 3 days ago the plant serrated leaves 1 of them dried up and it looks like it is dying. any ideas or help will be much appreciated. This is my first grow and i read grow bible and been all on youtube researching this wonderful endeavor.

I’m not sure the nutrient concentration of the top soil, but adding bloodmeal, or much of any nutrient so early will often kill a seedling. Seeds and seedling do not like very strong of nutrients at all and it is safest to grow them with zero or nearly zero nutrients until 3-5 alternating nodes and full sets of leaves have developed, this helps indicate the pant has a strong healthy root system that can then take stronger nutrients, but before this time you could burn the small delicate developing roots and overdose and kill the seedling.

Also, another thing new growers often do is over water their seedling. cannabis roots are not that different than cactus roots in that they can get waterlogged or drown and rot easily with too much moister.

should i start over. guess its too late to save it huh

is miracle grow potting soil good? I also purchase vermiculite and i have a bag of just Miralce grow perlite

That is going to be a judgement call you’ll have to make. Some other people I’ve helped in this forum kind of recently have had the same problem and saved their’s by carefully removing them from the nutrient hot soil and carefully rinsing the roots and re-planting them in a seedling ‘low nutrient/nutrient free’ seed starter mix.

I’m one of those guys,I had to pull mine up and completely rinse the roots of any soil on them and replanted in seedling starter,it took about a week and stunted growth but it’s lost the curl and back to growing good now

ok i will do that and transplant

should i use just vermiculite and perlite or continue to use MG potting soil mix

I wouldn’t kill them off, but I think your nutes might be too much. I also grow in miracle grow and don’t take my word for anything but its’ worked. I’ve successfully cloned in it and done a complete grow in it. Before the roots of those two plants get all intertwined you might want to separate them.

I would recommend the miracle grow soil.

Spot on MacG!!!

If you want to save this seedlinbg I would put it in fresh soil with no fertilizer or additives; As mentioned.