Need help at my first grow

Im a first time grower and i got a few problems I think.

First of all my set up

  • Strains: lemon zkittles, 2x cookies and cream, 2x wedding cake, BBM

  • Method:
    65% coco , 35% perlite

  • Vessels:
    Softpots 5 gallon

  • PH of Water:
    6.2 - 6.3

    5l water, 2.25ml calmag, 2ml biobizz grow , 2ml biobizz heaven, 4ml ph-

    No? Poked holes in today and build a stand to lift them up a bit

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution:

  • Indoor Grow Tent
    Secred Jardin Darkroom 5x3

  • Light system:
    340w samsung led panel dimmed to 65% power

  • Temps;
    Day 80F
    Night 77F

  • Humidity;
    Day 49%
    Night 40%

  • Ventilation system;
    Yes, 2 small monkeys on mode I and an exhaust with carbon filter

  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier:
    No, but about to buy one where i can set the humiditiy at certan percentage

  • Co2;
    Yes a Bag

Week 3 since clone in rockwool.

Transplanted them with rockwool into my softpots.

Overwater them heavily in first week i got

Week 2: 2l solution, 3 days later 3l solution and Lst

Week 3: 2.5l phed water, 4 days later 4l solution and Lst

Week 4: 2l solution , Today 3 days later Lst

The lower leaves are turning yellow with brown edges and seem whilting.

  • Photos:

Bird (Left Back Blue Berry Haze , Left Front Lemon Zkittles, Middle Back Cookies and Cream, Middle Front Cookies and Cream, Right Back Wedding Cake, Right Front Wedding Cake)

Lemon Zkittles Front Left

Cookies and Cream Front Middle

Wedding Cake Front Right

Cookies and Cream Back Middle

Blue Berry Haze Back Left

Weeding Cake Back Right

Could someone please guidde me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

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@laflame welcome to the forum. I’m in hydro, but maybe @Myfriendis410 or @Bogleg could be of help.

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They are starving. They need nitrogen soon. Your PH is off for coco: it should be down in the 5.8 range. If you are not using calibrated digital PH meter; get one as you can’t do a good job in media without it. You need a TDS meter too to measure the ppm’s of your nutrient solution. Likely you have some PH related lockouts that are showing up too.

Gotta up the nutrient load.


Thanks for the reply.
Which amount of water per plant would you recommend for my 5 gallon pots, 1 gallon? So basically it would be best to double up on the nutritions, right?


Never used the biobizz line but I would guess you are at 300 ppm or something. You need to be at 600 to 800 ppm and the only way to do that is with a meter. PH is important as certain nutrients are more or less soluble at different PH. Cannabis in coco or hydro is typically 5.3 to 5.8. Remember that every .1 increment is 10X the previous. For example: 6.0 is ten times more acidic than 6.1.


Thank you.

Im gona mix up double the nutritions ratio and buy a ppm meter.

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I would also discontinue the CO2: those bags simply don’t do any good. You have to be in a sealed system with a certain partial pressure of CO2 in conjunction with very high intensity lighting.


First welcome to the community I also agree plants look a little hungry. A good pH meter is the best troubleshooting tool you can have . Once you get your runoff an check Ph make adjustments accordingly.


I have to agree they need nutes.


So i have watered now each plant 1,7 gallon solution with doubled nutritions phed to 5,7 and got on each plant a little runoff of 5,8. Im gonna post an update here in a few days.

Got the milwaukee ph55 with some calibration solution.

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Yeah the C02 thing is not typically done until veg is well on it’s way, it requires very intense LED lighting for the plant to use the C02. Also keep in mind C02 and humans is not healthy, so if you plan on saturating a grow room in C02 remember that it displaces oxygen and you can become I’ll.


Thanks for your input, will discontinue with the co2 from now on.

Fed yesterday with a bit run off and will wait if I see any changes from now on.

@laflame how are the girls doing? Did the boosted water help?

It’s not good to be lights out and the room is co2 rich…u should exhaust it out 30 mins prior to light off

Unless ur running a sealed get hp it’s not feasible for the small guy