Need help asap with this problem with my babies


I am a new grower I used fox farm soil and haven’t added any nutriants to them yet and I’m on my first grow everything has been going smooth until my plant tips have turned yellow and started curling I am towen between it being nutrient burn or a defecency I have added pictures and your help and advice is appriciated


Are you checking your pH?


I haven’t in 3 weeks I did when I first planted them into the soil



Fox farm soil is very hot for seedling , had the same exact issues . I learn to layer my soil in stages so as the plant grows through the soil it does not burn as easy , and always watch your run off . Remember your soil is a buffer , so if your water goes in at 6.8 , it can possibly comes out at 5.8 , so always check your ph going in and as it run off , adjust accordingly but not to sudden , it can make things more complicated . But determine on your size pot the plant is in now , it’s possible you can flush it thoroughly but not drench it to bad and give chance to revive from the watering flush and transplant it to the next size pot , layer your soil medium with fox farm being your very bottom layer about 2-3 inches and maybe a non ph soil medium like coco coir mixed with perlite as you know for the top layer and just keep a watchful eye on it and just keep it watered properly , no nutrients for a few weeks until the plant ask for them , and it should revive depending on the strain and how much stress it can handle .


I agree about foxfarm being hot for seedlings. Whenb you start seeds it should be in a seed starter mix, or something without nutrients.


The happy frog brown bag works great for seedlings , or super mix and mixed coco with 5% more perlite and layer your soil from bottom to top using fox farm on the bottom and the coco mix midway and on the top will give you a 90% chance of seedling grown 3-6 nodes with just plain water .


Thanks for the info guys I will flush them and get them in the new soil mixture


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