Need help 2 plants not doing to well

Strain; White widow feminized from
Soil in pots, (sunshine mix #4)(soiless so I’m told)

I am using vermicrop organic fertilizer with sunshine plus microbe solution in water to help breakdown nutrients.

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Water going I. Is around 7.0 the water coming out was around 6.5 using drops.

What is strength of nutrient mix? Do not have a tester to test this.

Light system, size? 600w MH
Temps; Day 70 Night 66 (depending if wood stove is going sometimes during the day if wood stove is going it gets up to 78)

Humidity; Day %25 Night %35 (hard to keep humidity up in winter with wood stove)

Ventilation system; Yes, 440 CFM with carbon filter

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, no

Co2; No

So I have 5 plants growing. 3 of which seem to be ok except for slight discoloration of leafs.
2 of the plants seem to be struggling. They looked like they had sulfur dificiency early on and I have been adding epsom salt to my water to help with it which seemed to work but towards the end of the watering cycle I would notice the discoloration again.

Anyway the 2 that are struggling are smaller then the other 3. I’m not sure what to do with them. 1 of them looks like it is overwatered but I water them when the pot feels light and the top inch of soil is dry.

I have not flushed any of the plants yet they are in week # 5 of veg. I will take pictures when I get home of the 2 plants close up.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have uploaded a picture I took last week but it is hard to see the 2 plants In question, the plants in question are in the black pot and the green pot. .

You do not need a meter for this this is asking how much your feeding or ratio per gallon, for example 1/4 tsp per gallon or 2.5ml per gallon this is likely a problem.

Also your biggest problem is your ph, with soilless mediums your ph should be 5.5-6.1 5.8 being your sweet spot lower your ph and problems will be fixed :slight_smile:, this would explain the problems your having

Happy growings


According to the directions I am supposed to add 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of soil so I add (5) 1/2 teaspoons per pot (If I remember correctly off the top of my head anyway)
The way I add it is sprinkle it in the soil and then message it into the soil then water using a cap full of sunshine plus microbe solution per gallon of water.

I actually didn’t know the sunshine plus was a soiless mix until a few days ago when I was looking into possible problems.

I grew 4 plants last year with the same setup (soil, nutrients etc) except last year I added some organic chicken manure in with the sunshine mix #4 before transplanting. Last year I only had a ph probe to test the soil so I’m not sure how accurate it was. I didn’t have any issues last year which is why I’m baffled this year. I guess it just goes to show every grow is different.

So am I safe to say I should flush my plants with straight water and the use the PH down solution that came with my PH test kit (general hydroponics test kit with PH up and PH down solutions)?

If so should I wait to give them more nutes until after they dry out from the flush?

So is your mix mainly soil or mainly the sunshine mix #4 and my answer for flushing will depend on this answer

This year I went with straight sunshine mix I didn’t add anything to it this year except the nutes I’ve been adding during watering.

Here are some pics of the plants. The plant in the 1st orange bucket is one of them with the issues. It actually looks better today. There are 3 pics of this plant. The next plant in the blue bucket also has issues. There are 4 pics of this plant. The remaining 3 pics are my other plants that seem to be doing better than the other 2 but still might have slight problems.

Ok ph needs to be 5.8 water with lower ph and you should be good (ph water only till problems correct themselves)

Sounds like a plan to me. Thank you for your advice I am going to wait until they dry out enough for next watering and I will lower the ph in my water.

I posted some pics in my previous reply of the plants. They were taken a half hour ago. Anything stand out?

Also is there a reason you are not suggesting to flush? I am not 2nd guessing I just want to arm myself with knowledge for next time.

Thanks again!!

Didn’t notice the pictures, likely that is caused from the ph problems I do see over watering in the 4th and 5th picture. The other pictures are showing nitrogen toxicity as well as potassium and calcium deficient, thus the ph problem is causing a nutrient lock out.

Absolutely id run a flush my friend and rinse some of the toxins from the medium, using PhD water and you should be on track after that


One other question maybe you can help me with. I’ve seen a few different answers.

When checking my PH using the drops. If my water going in tests 7.0 and the run off tests 6.5, would the PH at the roots be a little lower than the 6.5 say around 6.3 or so. (My reasoning is since the water going in is higher than what is coming out then the PH of the soil would be lower then the run off number. And if the run off water were higher than the water going in then the ph of the soil would be higher than the water going in (if that makes any sense))

If the run off number is higher than something in your soil would be making it more alkaline.

Now for example if you watered at 6.8 and it came out at 5.9 you would just have to raise PhD water to 7.7 until corrected than back to 6.6 mane sence.

At that point your test drops should help be able to test what ph you have a ppm meter is for finding out what elements are giving you hard water or salt build up (thus giving you with a. An acidic soil or b. An alkaline soil)

Hope this helps


It pays off reading everything this has been happening to me goes in one number comes out lower, I thought maybe i needed to put in higher pHd water but wasnt sure if i should phd the waterr to 6.8 or higher. Thanks @Majiktoker

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I am having some issues with a few of my plants.
Looking to find out if I should flush them or if I should just try and PH my water and water them to see if they come into it?
Soiless mix run off was around 6.5 I know it should be lower. The tap water used is around 7.0.
Should I just water them bringing the PH down to around 6.0 or should I flush them?

I would not let it get any higher than 7 on your ph The sweet spot is right around 6.5 I normally will do mine anywhere between 6.3 and 6.8

PH for soilless mix is usually 5.8? what’s the soilless mix and why you are keeping your pH so high ?

The plants look really good especially considering the pH might be that far off but I think you’d be happier if you got that pH down

There’s a support ticket on the main page that would really help us to answer your questions more accurately

  • best wishes!

Strain; Type, White widow seeds from ilovegrowimgmarajuama.cim
sunshine advanced mix #4 (am told this is a soiless mix)

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.5 if I tested correctly
What is strength of nutrient mix? Full strength vermicrop organically (Vern veg) (1/2 tsp per gallon of soil) it is a dry fertilizer that I add to the medium and then with my hand I message it into the soil and water with a microbe solution (1 capful to a gallon of water)
Light system, size? 600w MH for veg

Temps; Day76 Night 67

Humidity; Day, Night around %30 (wood stove drys out the air)

Ventilation system; Yes, 440 cfm with carbon filter

It was not my intention to keep the PH that high. I only recently purchased the drops for testing prior to those I used the probe style I was noticing some issues so I figured I should check the PH of the runoff and the water going in.

I had read that you should treat a soiless mix like hydro growing with the sweet spot at a PH of 5.8. (I’m still new so I could be way off on this)

If I can avoid flushing that would be great but ultimately if I have to flush I will buy was hoping if I PH the water going I lower I ammhopingnitnwill solve
My issues.

Anyway any help is greatly appreciated

The below question and answer is from Sunshine’s website, hope it helps:

And, the #1 most asked question is…
What pH do I want in my indoor growing situation? What is the recommended pH of runoff?

#Our Sunshine® Advanced #4 is formulated to stabilize at pH range of 5.8 – 6.2. This is the pH range that nutrients are most available to the plant

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Looks like a bit of nitrogen lockout due to too high pH to me. Get your water pH down and see if it balances out. If not, flush with pH appropriate water, let her stabilize, then resume feeding.

Although… I am assuming you’re still in veg… Right?

Your PH is fine as mentioned by members. I am a hydro specialist but, I have been doing ProMix grows for the last year or so to help new growers learn the simpler less expensive way to grow.

PLants look abit over watered from what I can make out through my Macular degeneration but, The PH I have been using and with any problem in soil-less mix is anywhere between 6.2-7.0 I generally attempt to keep the pH range righter but I am doing experiments as I mentioned.

Let them dru out for a couple days. Then let’s revisit the question. OK? lw :slight_smile:

I actually saw that on there website when I was searching around for info but I assumed where it says it stabilizes at 5.8-6.2 that it would depend on the conditions of the grow. Meaning if I’m dumping 7.0 PH water into it that it would make it difficult to stabilize that low. I saw that info just a few days ago and the plants aren’t dried out enough to water yet so just wanted to figure out a plan of approach for the next watering.

Thank you for your help! It’s good to have a good support forum like this to stear you in the right direction.